Good Morning Everyone! I scheduled this post before I knew that I would be traveling today, but I’m glad it worked out. I don’t know about you, but packing gives me such anxiety that I kind of freeze or pretend I don’t have to do it. One of my biggest problems is trying to pack my toiletries. They always seem to take up most of my suitcase and, they add a ton of weight. BIOSSANCE Essentials Travel Set (travel size bottles) is the perfect solution. I am so happy that BIOSSANCE made this anxiety filled nightmare much easier for me. I know I sound dramatic, but it really is a nightmare and I basically freeze!

What is included in the essentials travel set is exactly what you need to keep your skin hydrated and glowing while you are traveling. First, you always need a cleanser and the Purifier dissolves all of your makeup and impurities of the day. I love this stuff! It doesn’t make me feel dry after cleansing (like some cleansers can), and I really feel like my face is super clean. Next is the Revitalizer, which moisturizes the skin and locks it in (the moisture). It can be used from head to toe, and is weightless, not greasy. Last but not least, is the Nourisher. I love this product, because it increases the skin’s radiance, which means you get a glow! You may remember this post where I talk about it in more detail. It has a powerful Vitamin C in it, that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles…and it helps with skin tone and firmness. All of these products contain their 100% sugarcane plant-derived squalane. Wonder if I can drink this stuff?

I am in route to Dallas today, and packing was not easy because I am staying for the month of September. I have some things to catch up on (like appointments and grand children time). It’s also my daughter’s birthday month, so I am hoping to make a quick trip to Austin to see her. Also, I just decided last Thursday to go to Fashion Week in New York, so another trip I will have to pack for. I can’t even think about it because it makes my stomach hurt, (the packing part!) but Biossance will be traveling with me, and I am going to have a glow!

Biossance is offering my readers 10% off your order with the code LOVECATHY.

Photos: Kelsey Cherry

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