Colleen Rothschild Beauty and Best Sellers Sale on The Middle Page Colleen Rothschild Beauty and Best Sellers Sale on The Middle Page

Good Morning! I hope you all had a great weekend! We had some good friends over for dinner on Friday night, and if you saw my Instastories, my husband was cooking up a storm. He is the best cook (thank God, or we wouldn’t eat!), but ended up burning his hand. Dinner was still fabulous, but there was a lot of cursing going on for a while!

Saturday night we went out to dinner and sat at the bar of one of our favorite places. We love sitting at the bar because we have met some great people doing that and Saturday night was no exception. We met a great couple and had so much fun chatting with them. I got around to halfway cleaning up my closet yesterday and pampering my skin last night. As a blogger, I get to try a lot of beauty products, but last night, I pulled out my very favorite Colleen Rothschild products to use. I wanted to talk about them, because, Colleen Rothschild has 25% off of her best sellers this entire week with Code: BESTIE25

I’ve used Colleen Rothschild products for several years.

I got to meet the beautiful founder and her sweet husband about three years ago at the Reward Style conference and now see them every year at the same conference. I was so impressed with her skin and the two of them that I couldn’t wait to try their products. Well, three years later, they are still some of my very favorites. You might remember me talking about the cleansing balm here, but if not, don’t worry, I am going to again.

The Radiant Cleansing Balm is absolutely the best.

And a little goes a long way! It clears congested pores and removes impurities, dissolves all traces of makeup, and leaves your skin balanced. Y’all, this smells so good that I wish it were eatable! They came out with a candle that smells like the cleansing balm because it smells THAT good!

I used the Dual Enzyme Polish last night to gently slough off the dull skin cells.

I really enjoy this product because the polish is very mild and doesn’t scratch my skin. It leaves the skin looking refined and glowing!

The other product that is new to me, is the Retinol Supreme Eye Serum.

Oh, My Gosh, I am obsessed with this amazing product! This eye serum counteracts the look of wrinkled and stressed eyes from aging and environmental factors. This serum has helped the dry skin under my eyes so much. I just use it at night, but what a difference it has made!

The Retinol Supreme Night Oil is another one of my favorite products.

This oil combines the regenerative benefits of retinol with moisturizing plant oils that help with skin tone and texture, age spots, and improves dullness. Remember, when using retinol, skin can become sensitive to UVA and UVB rays meaning, wear sunscreen!

Another product that is new to me is the Nourishing Body Lotion.

This lotion is a Beauty Shortlist Award Winner for 2107, and I can tell you that it is deserving! This lotion has moisture-binding hyaluronic acid and time released emollients that work with botanical extracts and mango seed butter to increase hydration in dehydrated skin. I love this lotion!

Colleen Rothschild’s products work and don’t cost a fortune. There isn’t a single product over $100. A great way to try these products is right now with the “Best Sellers Sale” going on or to try the Discovery Collection with seven smaller pieces that are perfect for travel.



Colleen Rothschild Beauty | The Middle Page Colleen Rothschild | The Middle Page Colleen Rothschild Beauty and Best Sellers Sale on The Middle Page

Colleen Rothschild Beauty and Best Sellers Sale on The Middle PageColleen Rothschild Beauty | The Middle Page

I have another busy week! I have a few events to attend but am so excited, because the grandchildren finally get back! They have been with their other grandparents for almost a month now and I am ready to see them! I hope you all have a great Monday! Thank you for reading! xx


Colleen Rothschild Products // Radiant Cleansing Balm // Dual Enzyme Polish // Retinol Supreme Night Oil // Retinol Supreme Eye Serum // Nourishing Body Lotion

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Photos: Danielle Sabol

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