White Fluffy Faux Fur Jackets with Chic at Every AgeI'll Build You Up Buttercup Tee

Happy Friday! Today, The Chic at Every Age group is showing Athleisure Wear. I am a fan of wearing athleisure wear when it is appropriate and am so happy to share what we found, but first, I am so glad that this dreary week is over! This has been a long week and I have felt sort of blah! Do you all ever get that way? I don’t know what my problem is. It could be the weather, but I think it’s because we are keeping two of our kid’s dogs and they are the two yippiest ones. One of them barks constantly and sets the other one off making it an all-day event, and my head hurts from listening. I know what you are thinking! Why don’t we just say no to keeping them? Because we are too nice to a fault! Anyway, one will be gone come Sunday, and the other is here until the end of next week. I am heading to a women’s church retreat tomorrow and will be praying that I don’t kill these dogs! If I do, maybe I can make it up to my kids with these pet memorial necklaces. Y’all, I am just KIDDING!!! I’m not going to kill the dogs, I actually do love them, but I do think the memorial necklaces are sweet (it was a segue)! So many people lose their fur babies and I saw the necklaces and wanted to share! I digress, let’s get back to Athleisure!

A cozy sherpa jacket that can go from the studio to dinner

We wanted to show this fluffy faux fur jacket (say that fast ten times!) and how cute it looks at the gym and beyond. This jacket has a detachable hood and zip pocket and is a cozy sherpa that can go from the studio to dinner making it the perfect athleisure wear piece for chilly days. It also comes in a few other colors. We liked the white to head into spring. Natalie-The Fashion Hour, Sam-Style of Sam, and Heather-So Heather, all chose to wear theirs with real work-out wear, but I wanted to show these fantastic pants that can be worn more like a travel or work pant because they seriously look like a pair of expensive pants. I got them at Athleta, and they really do look like a pair of pants I bought from Helmut Lang a few years back that was over $300. They are so comfortable and flattering and have a hidden back waistband pocket where you can put your phone. They come in black and olive. My athleisure look is one of running around and doing errands even though I can report that I am serious about weight training now! You should feel my muscles after six weeks!!!

A mission that inspires kindness

I also want to mention the shirt I am wearing. Some of you may already know this, but my daughter is the Chief Brand Officer for Bumble app. I love to support Bumble not only because of her but also because I really believe in what they are doing! I was in Austin about a month ago and mentioned, in this post, about an event I had attended with her. The women who spoke on the panel were just amazing (two of which helped launch the campaign I am mentioning). Anyway, Bumble teamed up with a brand that I was so happy to be introduced to called, Understated Leather, to come up with this exclusive, limited edition t-shirt with 100% of the proceeds going to The Kindness Campaign. The Kindness Campaign is an anti-bullying nonprofit that is on a mission to inspire a generation of kind leaders. Understated Leather and Bumble want to help spread the message behind The Kindness Campaign, encouraging people to build each other up nationwide. If you are interested in helping spread the word, the shirts can be purchased here, and I’ll build you up, buttercup!

White Fluffy Faux Fur Jackets with Chic at Every Age White Fluffy Faux Fur Jackets with Chic at Every Age White Fluffy Faux Fur Jackets with Chic at Every Age White Fluffy Faux Fur Jackets with Chic at Every Age White Fluffy Faux Fur Jackets with Chic at Every Age

I’m shooting this afternoon (and it’s raining) because I have some things due pretty soon and I will be in sunny LA all of next week. I’m so excited to see some friends and some sunshine! Are you all watching the Academy Awards on Sunday? I would love to get in one more movie before Sunday. We have only seen A Star is Born and The Green Book. If you haven’t seen either, I highly recommend both! The Green Book was so sweet! Okay, I hope you have a fantastic week, and I will be posting on my stories in LA next week! Thank you for reading this post!

Photos: Beckley & Co

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