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Happy 4th of July a little early! Okay, there is a story here! We were all set to show these off the shoulder dresses for the 4th of July when we shot these photos last week. We all met at this great wall in Deep Ellum in Dallas. It was four in the afternoon, and I swear, the heat index was 105. I had already been shooting with our photographer for an hour before the other girls got there. An unglamorous thing about these photo shoots is that we have to change in our cars. I had six changes that were done in the front seat of my car (in a parking lot where people are milling around… no modesty here anymore!) Anyway, we had just done our first outfit, then went to change into these dresses.

Sam, our 30 something, walked up to all of us with the look of fear on her face. She had driven over from her home in Fort Worth with all of her shoes and accessories, and when she went to change realized she had left all of the clothes we were going to shoot. I felt so sorry for her (because it sounds like something I would do), but her brain was not all there that day. Sam and her husband adopted a little boy about 2 1/2 years ago, and have been waiting to adopt another baby. She got the call the day before, that they were getting the baby in two days. She had so much on her mind that she forgot the clothes! We are all so happy for her, that we didn’t care, and decided to just make it fun!

This great flag wall was the perfect spot to shoot, except for this Dallas police car was right in the way. We tried to find the police officer to move the car, but to no avail. So what were we to do? Get the beer out of Brooke’s car and do a freaking photo shoot in front of the police car! These may be my favorite photos of all time! Maybe you had to be there, but we were having a great time!

Now about my off the shoulder dress, by Current/Elliot. I still am not sure about the trend on me (whether it be a top or dress). I certainly think it looks cute, but the second you raise your arms I feel like the off the shoulder slips up. What I like about this dress, is that it has the removable straps if you want them. I personally will wear it this way. It’s also a very baggy style, so as not to stick to you in the heat of the summer, and has really big pockets (think 4th of July dinner with a place to keep your phone and lipstick). I think it’s the perfect dress to wear on the 4th! The wedges I am wearing are so cute and comfy (I went up one size). Actually, when I walked up to the group, every one of them asked if they were Valentino. Uh…no, they are Andre Assous, and are on sale for $74.50! The cute wicker bag I bought at full price, but it is way on sale too!!!!!

I hope this gives you ideas of cute off the shoulder dresses. For information on the other girls, see below. I am also pleased to tell you that Sam got her baby girl last Friday. She is perfectly beautiful!!!

20 something-Brooke, of One Small Blonde wearing the cute red dress.

30 something- Sam, of Style of Sam wearing her all white tee and jeans.

40 something- Heather, of So Heather looking sexy as always in her blue ruffle dress.

50 something- yours truly

P.S…Shopbop is having 25% off all sale items.

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

Current/Elliot Madeline Dress// Andre Assous Studded Leather Wedge (on sale)// Wicker and Leather Baguette (on sale)