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Happy Hump Day, ladies! I hope you are staying cool (especially if you live in Texas!). YIKES…it is hotter than Hades, and we are not even in July yet! I am a little late posting this week because I was sick over the weekend and into Monday. I started feeling bad on Friday with a slight cough that turned into a horrible headache and body aches. It came in waves, and I thought I might be over it on Saturday, but Saturday night, it came back, and my legs ached so badly. Honestly, I felt like I did whenever I’ve had Covid. I did not test because I started talking to a handful of people with the same symptoms, and I figured it was some summer virus. I’m over it now!


I’m back with my Chic At Every Age gal pals, and it feels so good! I love these girls and miss them when we can’t get together. Today, we are showing the most flattering dress you’ll wear this summer! Why do I say that? Because it is made in a soft ribbed fabric with ruched sides for a fantastic fit. Ruching is a type of fabric manipulation that creates a series of gathered folds that can be so flattering when used on dresses for several reasons. It can create the illusion of a smaller waist (give me all of them!). When the fabric is gathered, it makes a vertical line that draws the eye up and away from the waist. It can also camouflage problem areas like a tummy or hips. It also adds some visual interest.

As flattering as ruching is, it can do the opposite if it is too tight or if too much fabric is gathered. It can make you look bigger. Just make sure that a ruched dress fits you well and accentuates your figure in a flattering way. Most ruched dresses are versatile and flattering.


We found the ruched dress we are wearing at Evereve from Michael Stars. It is machine washable and made of cotton, modal, and spandex rib knit jersey. The dress comes in the black and blue we are wearing and in pink. The dress lends itself to so many different looks. I would pair it with a denim jacket or blazer and wear it with sneakers, flat sandals, and heeled sandals. Ready for the price? It’s $108! I found it in a few other colors HERE.





 I met with a functional medical doctor yesterday to review some blood tests I had done a few weeks ago. I am still trying to get to the bottom of all of the skin issues I am having. It was a ton of information, but I discovered that I am anemic, very deficient in Vitamin B (all kinds), have some Hypothyroidism, and probably have yeast overgrowth! I loved my doctor, and if you are in the Dallas area, Dr. Brandon Nutt is the most kind, thoughtful, and thorough doctor I’ve ever seen. He spent two hours with me! Anyway, we have a plan, and he is sure this will help me! He has already helped my husband and daughter-in-law.

I also wanted to mention a product that I think is fantastic if your feet hurt in shoes. Check out the FOOTCLOUD The FOOTCLOUD was founded by a woman who started suffering from foot pain and couldn’t wear her favorite heels any longer. She tried everything. Her doctor told her that the cushioning pad on the bottom of the foot decreases over time, making the foot more sensitive (damnit!). The only solution was to wear soft rubber shoes or bulky inserts. I’d rather suffer! Just kidding!

Some people are creative and come up with solutions to help themselves and others with the same issues. The founder invented the FOOTCLOUD to re-cushion the foot, and feet all over the planet are feeling a sigh of relief (those who already know)! I love my FOOTCLOUD pads! They look like mini silicone nipple covers but fit on the ball or heel of your foot ( I suppose they might work for your nipples, but don’t count on it!). I think they are wonderful and wanted to tell you about them!

The rest of my week is insane! I have so much going on and a massive Saturday celebration to prepare for. I am celebrating my 10-year survivorship from breast cancer!!! I will post on it in a few days, but if you are in Dallas, Veronica Beard is hosting an event for me on Thursday (tomorrow) from 4-6. I would love to have you come to celebrate with me! Even if you can’t, Veronica Beard is giving a 10% gift back to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. Just mention it if you call and order (646) 233-0156. They are also having a sale on sale items!

I hope you have a great day! Stay well and Be safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

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