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Hi Everyone! I am way behind on my blog posts for this week. I wanted to post this on Monday, but I was in Dallas with a good friend from Nashville. We were up and out the door at 9:20, and didn’t make it back to our place until 10:30 pm. We had a great couple of days of power shopping and much talking!

 You know when you find something you really love, only to see that the price tag is stupid ridiculous?  I had seen this  Isabel Marant sweater on line and loved it, but was not about to pay $900. I happened to be looking at the Topshop website, when I found this. It is amazing how much it looks like the Isabel Marant version, but is a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, it is sold out, but this Etoile Isabel Marant version in cotton is available, and so is this one! Sometimes a little research is all that is needed to find a steal vs. a splurge. Have you all found a steal that you are particularly proud of? I am always up for the challenge to find a “look a like” if any of you need the help…let me know!!! Oh…the bag is authentic, but a real steal too! Check it out here.

Have a fantastic day!

Photos: Mary Summers

Sweater// Shirt (similar and on sale) // Jeans// Boots (similar and way on sale)// Bag//