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Good Morning, friends! I hope you had a great weekend! I had a massive scare on Friday! So I had a cancer antigen test for ovarian cancer because I mentioned to my doctor that I always felt bloated. I got a call Friday morning saying that the antigen levels were up and that I needed to get a sonogram. I was worked in quickly before noon and had about five hours of completely freaking out (thinking I did not want to go through that shit again!) to find out that everything is ok. Whew! We aren’t’ sure why the test levels were up, but as long as there is nothing there, I am good! Life is crazy, sometimes!

We helped unpack my youngest son and daughter in law into their new home on Saturday. I love their house and am thrilled for them. It’s so fun to see them so excited and grateful! I spent the day yesterday, trying to find bedding for the room we are adding above our garage. I found the perfect bolster for the bed online here (they have the best pillows!) and bought the bedding yesterday from Peacock Alley. The bedroom is taking a little longer than I thought for completion, but the headboard and side tables are taking longer to arrive because of COVID.

Today, I wanted to show you all 10 tops to welcome in September

Because, as soon as the month changes from August, I’m ready to break out the fall colors. COVID has kind of ruined what I would generally wear going into fall. I would be breaking out some cute blazers and jackets (mostly at night, because of Texas heat!) but, we are honestly still staying close to home. I’m still going to purchase some cute tops to wear with jeans or skirts and wanted to share them with you, like the one I’m wearing from Anthropologie! This top is lightweight cotton that is still cool while looking more fall-like, and I love the colors!




10 Tops To Welcome In September 10 Tops To Welcome In September 10 Tops To Welcome In September 10 Tops To Welcome In September 10 Tops To Welcome In September

I am taking my mom to have some eye surgery today. She has to have her cornea scraped before she can have cataract surgery. It sounds painful, and I can say through experience, it is. I had to have the same thing done years ago before I had PRK. We have something called Saltzman’s disease. The body is wonderful, but weird! I need to run to the mall today to grab a couple of things. Are you all shopping in the stores or strictly online? Masks on!

I hope you all have a great day! Stay well! xx

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Blouse // Jeans // Belt // Sandals (similar different color) // Sunglasses