A PAIR OF LEATHER PANTS AND AN ATTITUDEOver 50 Dallas Blogger wearing leather pants with a blazer by Veronica BeardThe Middle Page wearing a Veronica Beard blazer with leather pants

Happy Hump Day! The days are flying by, aren’t they? I was talking to a friend last night about the traffic in Dallas right now. It already seems like that crazy traffic around the holidays. I guess everyone knows that it is crunch time after next week! Y’all, my sweet little puppy pooped in our bed on Monday morning! She doesn’t sleep with us, but she got up on it while we were having coffee and dropped a load! What does that mean??? My husband had been out of town, so I think it was revenge poo! I am in real need of a dog trainer! Let’s talk about leather for a moment and then something serious!

Leather As An Investment

Leather (real and faux) has been the fabric of the moment for a while. Pantsuits have been another trend that we have seen of late. I have had these leather jeans (similar) that I am wearing since last year and have worn them a ton, but decided to make a pantsuit of sorts with this gorgeous blazer from Veronica Beard, that I got earlier this fall. I guess the silver/bronze top that I bought a few weeks back in New York got me thinking about combining the two. For me, leather can be worn all year round (except for a few months in the Summer if you live in Texas) and is a smart investment if you know you will wear it. For example, I have had the same pair of leather leggings for over ten years (that I still wear) and some of my leather jackets for about five years. I wore leather jeans last night as a matter of fact! I saw this quote and thought it to be accurate, “there is definitely something sexy about a girl with an attitude and a pair of leather pants” Eliza Dushku.

So Many Great Faux Leather Pieces Available

Now, I’m not saying you should go out and buy an expensive pair of leather pants or a jacket, but…I would say to have a leather-look of some sort in your wardrobe; it might make you feel sexy with an attitude! There are so many great faux leather pieces available now, and they are quite inexpensive. Consider looking at Zara, H & M, and Topshop for lots of faux leather pieces.

Head Down To Bottom To Get Serious!




Veronica Beard Blazer with Leather Pants Dallas Blogger wearing a Veronica Beard Blazer

Cathy Williamson wearing leather pants with a blazer by Veronica beard and a Chanel PurseOver 40 Dallas Blogger wearing a black leather blazer by Veronica BeardLeather pants paired with black Chanel purse

Last week was very strange. I had THREE women reach out to me on the same day about having been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast cancer. This is not a common type of breast cancer and THREE on the same day!  I have now spoken with all of them and want you to know that just because October is over and done with, breast cancer isn’t! There is so much toxicity in our environment that we probably don’t even know about and I believe that a lot of this cancer is coming from just that. I had lunch with one of the women diagnosed yesterday, and she found her tumor through self-examining. Ladies, please be vigilant about checking yourselves and get your mammograms!

Okay, that was my PSA for the week! Have a wonderful day!

Leather Blazer // Leather Jeans (last years, but similar and faux) // Top // Pumps (similar) // Bag (similar)

Photos: Danielle Sabol