Dallas woman blogger wearing an adorable kimono leaf Dallas blogger in adorable kimono and fedora hat

Happy Friday! How is everyone doing? This was a busy week that flew by, and I am so happy that It’s Friday because I am doing something so fun for the weekend. I am driving to Austin today with two of my favorite girls (Heather and Sam) and staying at the Lake Austin Spa Resort until Monday. We all need some R&R and have been counting the days down for this little trip. We have a service each day and will take a few classes, but the main goal is to chill. Can you believe it’s going to be 95 in Austin today? The weekend looks perfect for sitting by the pool!


Speaking of the pool, I will be taking this adorable kimono with me. I love its colors and knew that I would wear it over a bathing suit but more with a tee and jeans. Kimonos are such an easy way to elevate a tee and jeans or a pair of denim shorts. Now, I have to admit I am doing something I vowed I wouldn’t do after turning fifty-something. I have not worn a pair of ripped denim in years because I think as an older woman (and this depends on your skin’s texture), ripped denim at the knee doesn’t look good. When I said this, most of the ripped denim was on skinny jeans. When the rips are across the knees on a tight pair of skinnies, loose skin does not look good coming through it. I always said it looked like a knee vagina (sorry, but it does!). The difference with the jeans I have on is that they are loose and completely ripped out at the knee. If there are no threads, there is no knee vagina! Tell that to your salesperson when looking for a ripped pair!

Back to this outfit!

I added a sweater tee, my favorite heeled sandal, and a straw fedora to complete the look. I am also carrying a canvas tote from the new Leatherology collection. Seriously, I am a big fan of this brother/sister-owned Dallas-based company and have enjoyed all of my bags from them. I’m in love my designer bags, but sometimes they don’t go with the look, and it’s fun to carry a tote. I can get everything in it!






Dallas blogger in kimono, ripped jeans, and fedora hat Dallas Blogger in kimono carrying canvas bag from Leatherology back of a woman wearing adorable kimono, fedora hat and holding canvas bag from Leatherology woman wearing a kimono, jeans, and sandals with white canvas bag dallas woman blogger leaning on a white wall woman leaning on a wall and holding her fedora hat

I am finishing up the last of my packing. Like I said above, I’m going to a spa for three nights but why does my suitcase look like I am going for a week? I am the worst at packing and even have “packing anxiety”. I’m not sure that is a real thing, but it should be because I would be the poster child for it! I hope I re-learn some great tips for being zen and relaxed this weekend. I need it!

Have a great weekend, and stay safe and well! You all are the best! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

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