BENINCASA- MY FAVORITE SHOE BRAND - My Outfit Details: Dark Blue Button Down Shirt with Jeans and Black Gucci Belt BENINCASA- MY FAVORITE SHOE BRAND

Happy Friday, everyone!

Whew… This week was a doozy! I had a sick house over here until Wednesday night. My daughter and her flu left Wednesday morning and my granddaughter (who was sick with the crud) left on Wednesday night. I am hoping that my husband and I don’t get what they had! Also, I am behind on everything and hoping I can get caught up this weekend. Every once in a while, a brand stops you in your tracks, and you fall madly in love with them. This is a story of just that. I want to introduce you to my new (sort of, have known about them for a while) favorite shoe brand:

Benincasa Milano

Benincasa Milano is a brand created by Maija Benincasa, who left her corporate job and moved to Milan to build a luxury shoe brand that would provide women with beautiful heels that wouldn’t hurt them. She partnered with the best Italian artisans and biomedical engineers to create Benincasa’s patent-pending solution to create the footwear that she dreamed of. Furthermore, the shoes are handmade in a factory in Vigevano, outside of Milan, famous for producing luxury brands, like Manolo Blahnik and Oscar de la Renta. All of Benincasa Milano shoes are crafted from the highest-quality tanneries and suppliers in Italy. Although you won’t have to pay the traditional markup of a department store or boutique because Benincasa sells directly to you.

While we are thinking of International Women’s Day this week, it is so inspiring that Benincasa Milano is a woman and family-owned business by Maija and her sister Anne. “Benincasa” means “good house” and is the sister’s Italian heritage surname. I had so much fun in their Dallas showroom visiting with them and trying on all of the shoes. So, let’s talk about my love of these shoes. So remember the patent-pending technology that I mentioned above? This is to prevent ball of the foot pain, ie…the burning sensation from wearing heels.

When you order a pair from Benincasa, you are sent a  Fit Kit to take an impression of both feet (like the photo of me above with my foot in the box).

This is sent back to the company and a custom insole according to your foot measurement is integrated into the shoe. This is completely invisible under the leather. Benincasa has scientifically tested their insoles with the biomedical researches and wear-tested countless prototypes to make sure to perfect the product. Also, they designed every aspect of the shoes to be more comfortable from the heel height to the straps.

Benincasa Milano Shoes Benincasa Milano Shoes

My day to day life is mostly spent in some sort of flat or sneaker.

When I go out with my husband on a “date night” or need to go to an event, the heels have to come out, and as soon as I get home, they are ripped off at the door. When I got my first pair of Benincasa pumps, I wore them to an event and honestly forgot that I was walking in heels. They are seriously THE most comfortable pair of heels I have ever worn. In addition, not only are they comfortable but they are gorgeous and very fashion forward!

The sweet Benincasa girls were kind enough to gift me the beautiful pair of gold sandals below. But I am such a fan of my first pair of black pumps (gifted too), that I bought the nude pair. If you are someone that needs or loves to wear heels, these are the shoe for you. Also, there are several styles and heel heights (even booties) for you to choose from, and even a gorgeous flat.

I know there are times when I might need to purchase a heel from another company to go with a dress or outfit. But I can honestly tell you that I have never found a more comfortable heel. I’m hooked on these shoes and am singing the Benincasa girls praises.

I am OBSESSED with every single pair I have!

I will continue to order more from this brand (this is my next pair or maybe these in red). Now, if you are skeptical about a heel being this comfortable, they offer a 30 Day Trial on all online orders. If you are not completely satisfied, you can send them back without questions asked. I will be surprised if you do! If you are local in Dallas, make an appointment on their website to visit showroom here or, order online , and get free shipping, and free returns.

Snake print shirt with White Moto Jacket, White Gucci Belt and jeans Jeans and Gorgeous Gold Sandals - Benincasa MIlano

Gorgeous Gold Sandals that come in Blue Suede. Also, available in two heel heights

Gorgeous Gold Sandals - Benincasa MIlano Snake print shirt with White Moto Jacket, White Gucci Belt and jeans Snake print shirt with White Moto Jacket, White Gucci Belt and jeans

Such cute flats in nude and black

Flats in nude Benincasa Leather Nude pumps Benincasa

Leather Nude pumps available in Black and Black suede in two heel heights

Snake print shirt with White Moto Jacket, White Gucci Belt and jeans

What are your plans for the weekend?

We are going out with two couples tonight and not really sure what we are doing. One of the men has planned the whole night in a different part of Dallas and has been teasing us about what to expect all week (he’s making it sound like a wild night). Also, this girl is too tired for a wild night, although, I might get a second wind this afternoon. You know that saying, “you can sleep when you are dead”? I might change my mind and go full force wild! I’ll let you know! I hope you all have a great weekend! XX

Thank you, Benincasa, for sponsoring this post! I adore your shoes!!!


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