CARPENTER STYLE PANTSchic wide leg pants The Middle Page wearing Club Monaco carpenter Style pants

Hi, everyone! How is the quarantine going for you? This is such a crazy time! We ran out to dinner on Friday night to one of our favorite spots, and it was more crowded than I expected. We sat at the bar and strangely enough, it was not crowded, so we weren’t sitting close to anyone. Then we stayed home for the rest of the weekend except to get out and take the dog for a walk. What was very weird, was knowing that our church was closed yesterday and not being able to go where we ought to be right now. We did watch online and were reminded about fear and being a light in the world. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be a light right now than be full of darkness. The world needs light!

It is a scary time, and like nothing, we’ve ever seen, but we need to keep putting out the positive. What I did learn from breast cancer is that we have the choice not to accept a disease. We have the power to say NO to it. I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but one book that I have been reading daily for over six years now is “365 Days of Healing”. This book has changed my way of thinking about disease and really anything wrong that comes along. I can’t recommend it enough!


So, about this super, relaxed outfit. You all know that I wear jeans 95% of the time. I love them for simplicity, comfort, and the fact that I don’t have to wash them very often! I was out shopping a few weeks ago and ran into Club Monaco. Then I saw these soft “Carpenter” style pants and decided to try them on. They have a wide leg and are so comfortable and come in this pretty cloud color and navy. Both colors have matching blouses too! I loved them so much that I ended up getting both colors (the color I am wearing wrinkles a little after sitting in them, but it doesn’t bother me). I paired them with a light-weight turtleneck and a Spring sandal I just got. But I also wanted to show you how they look paired with sneakers. I think these pants are so chic!






Dallas Blogger wearing Club Monaco carpenter style pants Carpenter Style Pants Carpenter Style Pants chic wide leg pants the Middle Page wearing Club Monaco carpenter style pants

What are you all doing to bide the time at home? Thankfully, I work from home, so I have that to do. I am making a list of things to catch up on that I don’t ever have time to do. Cleaning closets and drawers, putting a mask on my face, conditioning my hair, meditating (more than five minutes), taking more walks and naps, reading the stack of magazines by my bed, and finding some new recipes (for my husband to make…ha!). We can all try and find the positive in this madness. Maybe just slowing down is a gift.

I hope you all have a good day! Stay safe and well! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

Pants // Turtleneck // Sandals (similar) // Sneakers, sold out (similar) // Black Bag (similar) // Beige Bag (similar)