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Good Morning, my friends! I hope you all are well! I cannot believe that Christmas is next week. In fact, I put my tree up before Thanksgiving and decorated the house, but I still don’t have the Christmas spirit. I was hoping to get it today as we traveled to Ohio to see our grandkids, but we have canceled the trip due to, you know what. Listen, I know how lucky I am and that I haven’t been extremely affected by Covid like so many others, but I am so SICK of it!

Many of you will say that it’s a waiting game and that we have to do our civic duty to stay inside, but honestly, I really don’t know who to believe anymore. I am scared shitless with everything coming out about the media. I wrote to a news source yesterday, telling them that I was canceling my subscription. And I got an email back asking me why (I couldn’t believe it). I wrote back telling them that I got my degree in journalism and what they are doing is not that. Journalists are not asking questions or giving us facts. It’s all skewed one way, and that is to cause fear.


I have been consumed with the news. And my husband and youngest son told me that it is really starting to show on me. I am turning cold on life right now, and I don’t want that to happen. So I ordered my tee a while back because I genuinely always strive to be the “Cindy Lou Who” in the way I live and treat people (and I thought it was so fun). I don’t like Grinches! However, I have become a Grinch!

I am being honest and am going to try and change my attitude stat, but I write this because I feel that others are feeling the same way unless you are not paying attention to what is going on (and that’s probably really smart!). We are all grieving right now, whether you know it or not. Grieving what was before all of this happened. None of us has ever experienced a time like this, and it is scary.

 My heart believes in God, and I have been praying, but I haven’t gotten on my knees. I think it is a time that we should all get on our knees for our families, country, and world. I hope I am not scaring anyone away from this blog. You know I am upbeat most of the time, but I know others must feel the same. This devotion and this one are great reminders!

Okay, now that I have had my therapy session, let me fill you in on my blazer and jeans.

The blazer is my favorite purchase this fall. I have already worn it a few times (that’s saying a lot for this fall)! It’s from my favorite girls, the Veronicas (Veronica Beard)! It is the Empire Dickey jacket, which is their best selling jacket. I love the color, buttons, and cut of this jacket. I bought it at full price (of course!), but it is on sale now and available in all sizes (I am wearing a 0). The jeans are from VB too, and they fit me like a glove! I did go down a size in these (usually a 24 but got the 23). They have tons of stretch and are so comfortable.






Green Empire Dickey Blazer on Dallas Blogger

Green Dickey Blazer on older Dallas bloggerCindy Lou Who tee on Dallas bloggerBlack leather Brother Vellies boots on Dallas bloggergreen blazer

I have so much to do today. I have to buy one more gift to be shipped out, and then I am mailing everything off! I’m actually scared that I waited too long. I also have a couple of posts that are due on Friday that I need to get going on. Deep breaths! Thank you all for listening to my rant. You all are always so sweet and uplifting with comments and emails, and I so appreciate them. I apologize if I don’t get back to all of them; they are so dear!

Starting today, the Cindy Lou Who is coming back out, even if I have to grab her by the ponytail! Sending you all love and blessings! xx

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