Cathy Williamson is wearing a Classic Black Blazer with Leopard BlouseClassic Black Blazer with Leopard Blouse - Cathy Williamson

Hi, Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!

I had a fabulous time in Sun Valley at my goddaughter’s wedding. Sun Valley is gorgeous but I couldn’t believe how cold it was for the beginning of October. When I flew out yesterday morning, they had to de-ice the plane! The wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful in an Episcopal church that had a huge window (that the bride and groom faced) that looked out on the mountains. The reception was gorgeous as well and so much fun to catch up with old friends. Today is about the classic black blazer. During the fall and spring months are when my blazers come out, and they are what make a simple outfit look polished, even if it’s really not!

Blazers are my go-to.

I wish they weren’t so expensive, but I have started to think about my cost per wear when I purchase one. The Veronica Beard Blazer I am wearing has been in my closet for at least three years now, and they are still making the same one. It’s the Bi-Stretch Scuba jacket and comes in black, navy, and white. I have worn the blazer so many times as it is or with a dickey zipped in to give it a different look (wore it way back here). This blazer has been worn over dresses, with jeans and tees, and with pumps and sneakers. I am not wearing anything special here, just a blouse, jeans, and pumps, but it looks polished. For my climate, it’s the perfect outfit for the fall.

I am adding a few blazers that I like below. It’s always best to have a good black one in your closet, but navy is my second choice, and since it’s fall now, plaid, leopard, velvet, and corduroy are perfect to add to your blazer collection.

Shop The Classic Black Blazer Look:



Classic Black Blazer with Leopard Blouse - The Middle PageClassic Black Blazer with Leopard BlouseBlazers are my go-to.Classic Black Blazer with Leopard Blouse - The Middle PageClassic Black Blazer with Leopard Blouse - The Middle Page

Circling back to my weekend, I have come to the conclusion that anything over four thousand feet is not a great place for me to visit, because I do not do well in higher altitudes. I can’t sleep, get headaches, and get the gassiest stomach!!! The strangest thing is that the last two trips I’ve made to the mountains, I’ve broken out with a weird rash. It’s the beach from now on for me. I am heading to New York tomorrow (with this blazer) with my galpal Heather! She’s one of the most fun people to travel with because we like the same things and she is a lot savvier with social media so I will try to learn some things!  We are playing most of the time but are attending a conference later in the week.

I hope you all have a great Columbus Day and thank you for reading!


Photos: Danielle Sabol

Veronica Beard Blazer (less expensive) // Blouse (similar way on sale and I like better) // Jeans // Pumps // Bag (similar)