funny quarantine t-shirts

Funny Quarantine T-Shirts

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Hi, Everyone! How are you all doing? I sure hope that all of you are healthy! I am late getting a post up this week because, to be honest, I haven’t really felt like it. And I think I hit the wall on Sunday and have felt sort of paralyzed again. I have been on my computer many times to peruse my favorite sites for Spring clothes, sales, comfy clothes, etc., and I have not been too interested in it. I have a hard time thinking about shopping when so much is not good. We are all having to deal with a lot right now. I did find some funny quarantine t-shirts (above) that are so relevant for this time, and I thought they would give you a little laugh.

I watched a video yesterday morning that my daughter sent me from Glennon Doyle. She is the author of Untamed Love Warrior and Carry On, Warrior. She said in the video that we are all dealing with grief and loss right now. That hit me with a ton of bricks.

It is grief!

We are all grieving the life we had before, loss of jobs, loss of lives, or the loss of something. That is what I am feeling. She also said that this is a time to do what you need to do to get through it. Meaning, if self-care helps you right now, then do it. If eating cake for breakfast makes you feel better, do that. If you want to sit on the couch for a day, then that is okay. Not everyone needs to exercise three times a day right now if you don’t feel like it. We all deal with grief differently, and this is a time of grief.

I don’t want to get stuck in it for a long time, but I think it’s fine to do what you feel like doing right now. I am drinking a glass of wine every night, and that makes me feel better. Will I change that behavior when this time is over? Yes, but for now, it is what I choose.

I said that Sunday was when I hit the wall.

We all found out in Dallas that the virus was found in one of the nicest (if not the nicest) Assisted Living/ Nursing Homes here, which happens to be in our neck of the woods (side note: our zip code has the most cases of COVID-19 in Dallas right now). It is in several other facilities too. My parents are in an Assisted Living for my dad (no cases there as of now). We cannot move him out because he requires round the clock care. My mom doesn’t want to leave him, so she is staying put. This is a huge worry, but I have had to surrender it to God. I’m sure that many of you have the same concerns right now. We all have to have faith and trust that all of this will work out!

Okay, dear ones, here are some super cute pieces to stay cozy and chic at home, because if you hadn’t heard, comfy clothes are the new black, and you are going to be there for a while!

Have a good day, and sending you all huge virtual hugs! xx