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Cozy Mock Turtleneck

Happy Monday and OMG, Brad and Jen! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! I guess today is still part of the long weekend with MLK day. We had a fun and productive weekend. I have been working on cleaning out my closets (have one upstairs that I put out of season clothes in) and getting rid of things that I have been looking at for over a year or two and know that I am not going ever to wear again. Why do I hold on to pieces that I know I am not going to wear? Do you all do the same? I think to myself that maybe one day I will wear them, but it never happens. I have, however, worn this cozy mock turtleneck sweater from Madewell every time the temperature dips. If you are in a colder climate, this is a very warm sweater that is available in two colorways.


I have been trying on all of my jeans and letting some of them go as well. Last year, you could not have gotten me into a super high waisted and straight leg jean for anything. This year, I love them. All of my lower rise denim looks funny to me now. Are you all getting into this denim trend? If you aren’t sure what I am referring to, I am linking some at the bottom of the post. I still love skinny jeans and will always wear them, but the straight and looser fit feels fresh to me at the moment. I still love these boots that I splurged on. Square toes are another trend that you will continue to see for a while.


We moved into our house about two and a half years ago. I am slowly finishing some things that I’ve wanted to do. I have not shared much of it because I am a bit of a perfectionist and want it to look right, which will never happen because I have so much that I still want to do or re-do. I finally got drapes hung in our main living room, which I will show sometime soon. I get one thing finished and want to move on to another project and damn if my husband puts the kibosh on it. Seriously, he is letting me re-do my breakfast area now, but after that is finished, I will want to do something else. Patience is a virtue! I don’t know if I’ve ever said it, but as much as I love fashion, I love home interiors just as much or more.


The room that we took these photos in is kind of like a sitting room. When we bought the house, it was a study, and we ripped out two walls of bookcases. It’s a smaller room, which makes it cozy. I have been collecting nude paintings and drawings since the ’90s. My designer did a “nude” wall in our previous house, and this room was the one we chose to do the same in this house. We are almost finished, but I want every space on the wall filled. I have found the paintings in antique stores, from the artist, from different cities I’ve lived in, and from One Kings Lane and Everything But The House. I love having this collection!


I bought the book I am holding about four years ago and got it back out to look through. It’s hard to think of content to write about every week. The page I stumbled across says to talk about something that you could be doing better. I admit I do sometimes compare myself to other bloggers. I started thinking about what I could do better, and the list is pretty long. I would love to know what I could do better or more of for you all. I want to stay true and authentic to who I am but also want to be a source of help. If you have ideas, please send them my way because I would really welcome them.



Dallas Blogger wearing Madewell Sweater The Middle Page wearing SLVRLAKE Straight Leg Jeans paired with Fendi Boots Cathy Williamson wearing cozy turtleneck sweater with SLVRLAKE jeans Dallas Blogger Cathy Williamson

I am off to have lunch today with another blogger friend who is spending time in Dallas from Montana. If you don’t know Sonia from Style Beyond Age, you should check her out. She is gorgeous, has great style, and is well into her sixties. You would never know it! She is goals for the next decade! We met in Los Angeles a few years ago and she is darling and so much fun! After lunch, it’s back to the closet to purge some more!

I hope you all have a great Monday! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

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