Hi Everyone! Hope you have had a great week! I have been on the road to Alabama this week for a funeral, and to spend some time with friends. I am a big believer in being present with my friends, so sometimes the blog posts don’t get done. Since it has finally gotten cold in the South, I wanted to show some of my favorite coat styles. The good news, is that most coats are on sale now!

The first coat I really like, is this streamlined one. I think it looks great over pants, skirts, and dresses. This is a great coat for work, or church. I love how it is worn in the picture above, over jeans and with sneakers for an unexpected look. Coat number two, is a robe style. This one in a beautiful pale pink or this one in icy blue (Pantone’s two colors of the year) would be great over pants or a skirt. Number three coat, is a fur or faux fur coat. I am crazy for this faux fur by a brand called Shrimps. They have the coolest colors and styles! If you are going to do a faux, why not do it in a fun color? This cheetah print shearling coat is to die for!!! It might be my ultimate dream coat!  The fourth style is the Cape. I really like this simple black one. I think this looks so good over any kind of pant. My last pick is a Moto or Biker jacket. This style is one that I think you can wear over anything. It looks great with jeans, but is also fun to match with a cocktail dress. Many of the jackets linked, and below are on sale. I just bought this one yesterday in blue, and on sale!!!

Have a great weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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