Hi, everyone! I hope your weekend was good! We had a date night on Saturday and a big family dinner on Sunday to celebrate our grandson turning ten! There was a lot of cooking happening over here all afternoon in preparation for it. Of course, it was just the men in the family cooking! I met my friend, Heather, to get foot rubs before picking up flowers and setting the table. Cooking is not my thing. It used to be when the kids were little, but I don’t really enjoy it now; however, I do love to bake, especially in the fall and winter. Speaking of the fall and winter, the army/fatigue green pants I am showing today look like those seasons’ colors, but they are transition colors for Spring.

Before leaving for LA in January and while in LA the first week of February, I visited the Frame store in Dallas and LA, I was sort of shocked to see this deep army/fatigue green. I had to ask if it was for now! They assured me that it was a transition look going into Spring. Fatigue green has always been one of my favorite colors, and the more I started looking around, the more I saw it. I ordered the pants I am wearing a few weeks back, and of course, they are running low on sizes where I bought them, but I found them here. Cargo is such a big trend, and I love that they are flowy and have a drawstring waist. They are comfortable but look so chic! I mixed the Ulla Johnson slinky mesh turtleneck with them for a look that can go anywhere, depending on what shoe you choose, and to cover the massive burn on my neck from a curling iron accident! These pants can also be worn with a button-down or white tee for a chic look!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember seeing these “party pants.” I wore them often during the fall and even on Valentine’s Day night. Seeing those pants in green at the Frame store made me love the green fatigue theme. I am obsessed with them and am about to bite the bullet and purchase them. I love them so much in the green! Have you jumped on the cargo train yet? :)))




I have a busy day of errands and shooting photos. Tomorrow, I head to Fort Worth for the night for a girls’ trip and a little work. I am so excited to have time with my friends, although I am leaving my husband with the two grandkids! He can handle it, and my night was planned way before we discovered they would be here. Oh well!

I hope you have a great day! Be safe and Be well! xx

Photos: Heather Johnson

Turtleneck // Pants (and in beige here) // Bag (similar) // Sandals (similar)