Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a great week! We were in Montana until yesterday with the family, but I cut it short and returned with the kids. I was supposed to stay until Sunday, but I started feeling bad on Tuesday and think I have another sinus infection. This was our first trip with the kids to Montana, and they loved it so much. We are trying to decide if we should buy a lot. The older grandkids loved it, and the older they get, the more fun it will be. I packed all of the wrong clothes! Don’t you hate it when you do that? It was in the 90s during the day and didn’t cool down much until we were asleep. Last summer when we were there, we wore jackets a good bit of the day, but not this year. My suitcase was full of sweaters that didn’t get worn once.

I don’t know about you, but I am over the heat and summer clothes. I am not buying anything else in the summer category unless it’s on super sale. In Dallas, our hottest months are still ahead of us but somehow, thinking forward to fall helps. I’m sure the pumpkins will be in stores soon (if they aren’t already). Anyway, we are still in the heat of summer, and these pants have been one of my favorite purchases (a lot of you have purchased them as well). They look cool and are also very comfortable. They will be great going into September and early October (hopefully with a sweater!). They are my favorite summer pants!

I love this floral puff-sleeved top from The Great. I bought the same top (different print) last year but loved it and wore it so much that I wanted another one. It’s the perfect summer top but also looks good in the mountains with a pair of jeans and cowboy boots. Floral tops are my favorites to wear in a ranch setting. I brought this one along with me to Montana.




I did something to my neck before we left for Montana and then rode a horse (he was very sassy), and you know where this is going. My neck is killing me, and thankfully, I got a massage booked for this morning. I sure hope it helps! The old gray (red) mare ain’t what she used to be! :))))

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay safe and be well! xx

Shirt // Pants // Sandals (similar) // Bag // Bracelet (crazy good copy)