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Happy Mother’s Day weekend to every Mama out there! I know some of you reading this might not have children, but I think every woman is a Mom regardless! According to Dictionary.com, “a mother is a term of address for a female parent or woman having or regarded as having the status, function, or authority of a female parent”. Doesn’t that include all of us in some way?

I am so excited about the collaboration that Heather, Sam and I got to do with the brand NYDJ We were so excited when they reached out to us, because they are such a big National Brand, and the three of us love working together! I have to admit, I had never tried on their jeans, boy…I have been missing out! We all agreed that they are the most comfortable jeans ever (might be replacing the old sweats, they are that comfy)! NYDJ, is a brand created for women by women to make the most flattering and slimming jeans for every body type. They even have an exclusive Lift Tuck Technology that flattens you in the front and lifts you in the back. Who doesn’t want that?!?! You know how hard it is to find the perfect jean? I have spent hours trying on pair after pair, but I think NYDJ’s will take care of that problem for women who have a hard time finding the perfect pair and fit (they all come sized 00-18). They make you feel #FitToBe!

I can honestly say, that being a mom and now a grand mom is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. It is pure joy, I don’t know what I would do without the crazy bunch that I call my own. When I reflect on Mother’s Day it’s crazy to think how our love and influence shapes these people. I know how powerful our words and actions are, and am so reminded again with these little people in my life. They are watching and listening to everything you say and do! Even if you don’t have children of your own, you might have nieces and nephews, or teach children, mentor, nurse, or have a fur baby. Your influence as a woman in this role is so powerful, and I don’t think we think about it enough or give ourselves enough credit for it. As females, we are definitely called for this role. We have been given the gift of nurturing in some form…all of us! I love the hashtag that NYDJ’s is using #FitToBe. It encompasses anything that we as women are doing in our lives…#FitToBe the best…what’s your word(s)? Mine is #FitToBe Joyful in all circumstances.

The jeans I am wearing are the Samantha Slim (for reference, I am wearing a 00). When ordering or trying on, I would size down one or two sizes (we all did). I decided to roll mine for the look I was going for, but the length is nice and long! I love the top I am wearing too! Such a fun tunic that comes in several print and color schemes. My thirty-one year old daughter in law (who by the way, has the best taste), went nuts over it!!! I am also so crazy for the jacket and vest that Heather and Sam have on…so stinking cute! Give NYDJ’s website a look, I promise you will find lots of pieces that you like, and it’s not just jeans!

Wishing each of you a very Happy Mother’s Day weekend! Remember how special you are!!!

Thank you so much to NYDJ’s for sponsoring this post! #FitToBe a great line for empowering women!

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

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