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Good Morning everyone! I got back from my girl’s trip to Austin yesterday afternoon. After a fabulous two full days of relaxing at Lake Austin Spa Resort and feeling very zen, my homecoming was not what I wanted! I came home to a sick dog with horrible diarrhea. No lie, I gave her three baths in an hour and one after we got home from the vet (a total of seven by the time we went to bed). We are not quite sure if she has a GI bug or that she ate something but not a fun night, to say the least!

The girls and I had such a great trip with perfect weather. We did a great stretching class, walked a lot, sat by the pool, and had a massage and facial. My favorite thing that we did was a Sound Bowl Meditation. If you have never experienced one, I highly recommend it. I have done them several times and honestly go into a deep state of calm. I hadn’t been on a girl’s trip in way over a year (duh), and it was so nice to be with my sweet friends.


Since the weather has become warmer, it was time to break out the short sleeves last week. I found this sweet floral print puffed sleeve top a few weeks back. I like that the sleeves are a little longer if you are someone that likes to cover your arms but still wants a short sleeve, and of course, a floral print is always a good idea. Also, I paired it with the cutest striped spring sweater. The sleeves have a smaller stripe, and the sweater’s body has a bolder and darker blue strip (see here). I bought these jeans from Frame last week at Nordstrom, and for the life of me, I can’t find them anywhere online. They could be an older style. Anyway, I have been to a few cool boutiques in Dallas and am seeing many skinny jeans with lower waists. I have to admit; I do like a lower waist!


Texas is so weird weatherwise. One day it’s chilly, and the next, 100 degrees. It’s getting to be that time of year and also that time for self-tanning. I’m a freak about self-tanners. I have tried a million of them and have landed on these two. Opalens is my favorite to use on my arms, chest, and neck. It has the nicest scent while applying (smells like vanilla icing), doesn’t smell bad after the color develops, and gives a realistic color tan. If you try it, be sure to get their mitt to apply. For my legs, I use Curb Appeal Beauty, The Tan Stick. This is by far the easiest self-tanner I’ve ever used and gives an amazing (darker) color that really lasts for about five days. It does have that nasty self-tanning smell after it develops; hence, I use it on my legs (further from my nose!).




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Fingers crossed that it is a better day with the dog. My daughter sold her house and bought another one. She is having her house inspected today. Her boyfriend’s business team (only two people) are here and they need to meet at my house while the house is being inspected, which means bringing their dog (who by the way has diarrhea right now too!). I think our dogs are sharing a virus. Anyway, it’s always a literal sh*t-show around here!

I hope your day is sunshine and butterflies! Stay safe and well! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

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