Hi there! This has been a busy week so far! We kept our grandkids at the beginning of the week, and I have been catching up with doctor’s, hair, etc. appointments. I saw a functional medical doctor yesterday for my eczema (yes, I still have it, unfortunately). She wants to put me on a 10-day carnivore diet, meaning nothing but meat and water! I hope to start it on Monday, but I don’t know! I’m also going back in a few weeks to let her use hypnotherapy on me. Has anyone ever done it before? I just finished the book, “Many Lives Many Masters,” and asked her if the hypnosis would be like that in the book. She assured me that she doesn’t get patients that deep. I was hoping she would, and I would find out that I lived as someone who had a skin disorder and that I would get rid of it! If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it!

Because the Fourth of July is next week, I wanted to give you all some outfit inspiration if you are going to any fun events or parties. I usually don’t wear “theme” clothing, but I like to wear something festive (patriotic-ish) for the Fourth. About a month ago, I found this adorable sleeveless cotton button-down with sequin glass rhinestone embellishments at Stanley Korshak in Dallas. I am always looking for cute tops because I never feel like I have the right ones (anyone else?). This shirt (which also comes in pink/red here) is such a fun summer statement piece, and if we leave the house on the Fourth, I will be wearing this entire look minus the shoes. Why? Because I broke my toe ( the one next to the baby) this week. I stupidly hit the bathtub with it, and it’s broken! I can only wear two pairs of shoes in my closet! My white jeans are old, but my purse is not! I heard that Aupen is re-stocking all of their bags soon! Head to their site this Saturday from noon to midnight. They can’t keep any of their bags in stock!


My sister-in-law and I took all the parents to a restaurant they love last night for singing and dancing. It was so much fun! The crowd is always a “very” senior crowd, but it warmed my heart to see all of them having so much fun! They have more fun than we have! We are headed to an early dinner tonight, then back to watch the debate. Are you watching it? It makes me a little nervous to think about it! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Stay well and Be safe! xx

EMBELLISHED SHIRT // JEANS (similar) // SHOES (similar) // BAG (similar)