Hi! I hope you all have had a great week! It’s been a rollercoaster week of temperatures. Sunday started with frigid temperatures, and we were back in the 50s by Thursday. That didn’t last long, and we are cold again. One minute, I’m freezing, and then I’m too hot because I’ve layered up. It could be worse! I could be in Park City, Utah. Oh, wait, that’s where I’m headed today! Eeeeks!

I’ve been going through my closet for the last week, trying to figure out what to wear (one minute, it’s freezing, and the next. warmer), and I had a realization. There are so many pieces that I don’t wear because I don’t have anything to wear with them. How many times have I done this? I buy things sometimes because I love it or on impulse without questioning if it is necessary or if I have things that will go with it. Do any of you do the same? I will try to buy basics for a while and see how I feel about my closet. See below on what I won’t wear anymore!

What do I consider basics? Here is my list of what I think

  1.  Classic Jeans
  2. Black Dress
  3. White Tee
  4. Classic and Fun Blazer
  5. Black or Neutral Pant
  6. Trench or Classic Coat
  7. White Button Down
  8. Leather Jacket
  9. Tank Top in White and Black
  10. Midi Skirt
  11. Cardigan
  12. Turtleneck Sweater

If you have these items in your closet, you can mix and match them, making it much easier to get dressed. Now, do I think this is all you need? No, but once you have core items, they serve as building blocks that can be mixed with different accessories, colors, and textures to create many outfit combinations, making it easier to get dressed.

Because it is so darn cold, I grabbed a pair of black denim (so cute with black stones) and a black jersey top and topped them off with the softest plaid blazer. Keeping pieces in one color helps make getting dressed easier, too. This is a great date night or girl’s night out outfit. Keeping it basic may seem boring, but I think it’s easier and more cost-effective.





We are headed to Park City today to meet up with my daughter and family for a few days. We are celebrating the youngest one (a week early), turning one, and attending an event that my son-in-law is putting on at Sundance.

I am so excited to share this link to my first YouTube with my friend Heather! She is huge on YouTube and invited me to be her guest. We are planning on doing a video once a month, but I’m trying to decide if I should do my own as well. The editing process is beyond challenging, which scares me a little (really A LOT!). Anyway, I would love for you to watch and comment! Thank you all so much!

Have a great day! Stay well and Be safe! xx

BLAZER // TOP // JEANS // SHOES (old, newer version in suede) // BAG (similar)