Grey Tunic Sweater and Leggings Grey Tunic Sweater and Leggings

Well, hello! How is everyone doing? I went to Austin this past Wednesday and got back on Saturday afternoon. I had such a great time visiting my daughter, Alex. Thursday night, I went to an event that she was moderating for Bumble Biz. It was a panel with five women all sharing their hopes for this year and how they achieve peace and stability with their careers and families. Y’all, it was the most inspiring night listening to these women! Friday, I had lunch with a sweet friend of mine from Houston, then Alex and I met up later in the afternoon for a massage. Afterward, we headed to Tiny Boxwoods for wine and cheese before my younger son and daughter in law arrived. We had a wonderful (very late) dinner all together. I arrived back in Dallas in time to head to an early dinner with my husband, older son, and daughter in law and then to see a comedian that I had never heard of (but the rest of the crew were huge fans). Have you all ever heard of or seen Tom Segura? He is hilarious, and I hate to say that, if you know of him and think he is inappropriate (because he is!!!). Unfortunately, I kind of love his humor!!! The four of us had to rub our jaws after the show from laughing so hard. Today, I am discussing how to wear leggings over 40!

Be sure to get super thick leggings

I love the ease and comfort of wearing leggings, but…once you hit 40ish, the way you wear them has to be more thought out. First, let me say, that if you are wearing them (and not for working out), be sure to get super thick leggings that don’t look like a sheer pantyhose tight. I discovered these leggings that come in one size (and a plus size) and are super thick and opaque. They also come in lots of colors, but I would only recommend black. I like to wear them the way I am showing with an oversized sweater or with a sweater dress and with sneakers or knee boots. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here, but you have to wear something that covers your bum (unless again, you are working out). It isn’t appropriate or a good look.

Your fanny needs to be covered

We live in a casual society where you can pretty much wear whatever you want anyplace, but heading to lunch or dinner, shopping, or any activity, your fanny needs to be covered when wearing a legging. If it’s not, then the front isn’t either! Again, I’m not talking about working out. You can wear your leggings anyway you want to do that! There are plenty of tunic style sweaters, and tops to wear if you love wearing leggings during the day, that cover up what we need to cover up. I don’t care if you have the tightest arse from working out, it still looks more suitable when you cover up with a longer top or dress.

I love the longer sweater I’m wearing with my leggings and have added a scarf to make it look more intentional as an outfit. I know my sneakers are on the more pricey side, but if you have tried Golden Goose, then you know they are worth the money. I wear them constantly! I have picked some of my favorite tunic type sweaters to share with you at the bottom of the post.


Grey Tunic Sweater and Leggings Grey Tunic Sweater and Leggings Grey Tunic Sweater and Leggings Grey Tunic Sweater and Leggings Grey Tunic Sweater and Leggings Grey Tunic Sweater and Leggings

How cute is my granddog, Kai? She is THE sweetest dog, and we get to keep her when the kids are out of town. We look alike! I am off to shoot today, then road tripping it to Houston with one of my favorite people and best friends in all the world, Tova Sido. I wrote a post about Tova a while back here introducing her book, Borrowed Courage. She now has a very successful podcast, called The Remedy with Tova Sido. If you want to be inspired, listen to her podcast. If you want to be encouraged, read her book, but have Kleenex ready. We are heading to Houston for Tova to speak at a luncheon. She is the most special person on earth, and I love anytime spent with her, plus she is so much fun! Hope you all have a great day! xx

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

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