Lagos Smart Caviar Watch with Floral DressLagos Smart Caviar watch seen on The Middle Page

Well, good morning everyone!

Hope you are off to a great start! I was supposed to be heading back to the airport for a girl’s trip today, but I canceled because I am wiped out and have a video to shoot this week. My son’s wedding in San Miguel was amazing, but I think I averaged around three hours of sleep each night. My husband told me yesterday that he has never seen me look more tired! I was hoping for a low key vacation, this week, but it’s not in the cards for me. Do you know what is not low key?

This stunning new Smart Caviar jewelry bracelet from Lagos for your Apple Watch!

I have been thinking about buying an Apple watch for a while now, but I I didn’t like the bands that were offered. All of the bands (except the leather Hermes) look like exercise bands, and that’s not what I want my watch to look like. When I wear a watch, I like it to look like a piece of jewelry. Lagos has made the gorgeous bracelet for the watch in their signature Caviar design that comes in sterling silver, sterling silver with 18K gold and diamond pave. Each of these mixes effortlessly with other Caviar pieces or pieces you may already have. So now I am on board to wear an Apple watch with the beautiful jewelry bracelet.

I know so many people have gone from wearing a watch to either using their phones or wearing a smartwatch to keep time. Honestly, I love wearing a watch so that I don’t have to continually look at my phone to keep up with the time, especially in a meeting or lunch with friends.

I think this band makes the Apple watch look so elegant and polished, like a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I have mixed my Lagos Smart Caviar band with a few of my other Lagos pieces. Also, I love these two Caviar cuff bracelets (here and here), and Crossover Caviar Ring and how unique is this gold pendant necklace? Lagos commitment to detail is best showcased in their signature Caviar designs. The Caviar beading brings texture to sterling silver and 18K gold, transforming them into iconic jewelry pieces that are very wearable. I have enjoyed wearing my Lagos pieces like this ring and will continue to add more.

Lagos Smart Caviar watch seen on The Middle PageLagos Smart Caviar watch | The Middle PageLagos Smart Caviar watch | J.Crew X Abigail Borg shirtdress - The Middle PageLagos Smart Caviar watch seen on The Middle PageLagos Smart Caviar watch seen on The Middle PageLagos on The Middle PageJ.Crew X Abigail Borg shirtdress - The Middle Page

I am off to do some shopping today for photos I need to have taken tomorrow and can wear my Smart Caviar to keep up with time, steps, and emails while I’m doing it! No rest for the weary!!! Have a great day! xx

Thank you, Lagos, for sponsoring this post!

Photos: Vanessa Christina

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