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Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like your life is spinning out of control? I have felt this way for the last couple of weeks! I have spread my self way too thin, and am paying the price for it! I have been trying to relaunch my rain coat business, which has taken some time (a tv interview and a holiday bazaar last week), work on this blog (I am a special needs blogger, who has to have some help in learning what every other blogger already knows about blogging platforms), and then just the normal stuff that I need to do. I have really been doing a lot of thinking about what I need to cut out. I want to have time to volunteer for the American Cancer Society and start an exercise program. How do some women get it all done?

Today I am wearing my favorite “happy” blouse from Equipment. I love butterflies and ladybugs, so I had to have this. This print goes with everything! The skirt is so feminine and flippy! It’s a heavier fabric, perfect for the colder temperatures, and…I adore this motorcycle jacket. I bought it, because I loved the quilting! Gives it a little bit of a twist, don’t you think?

I am so excited to share with you on Wednesday, the first of mine and Alex’s gift guides for the holidays. Like I said above, I am a “special needs” blogger, and had to have some help on how to use photoshop (Alex is a pro now!!!). I am so excited how it turned out, so check back on Wednesday to see!

Have a fantastic Monday and thank you for reading!!!

 Blouse// EQUIPMENT, Skirt// McGINN, Jacket// SCOOP, Shoes// STUART WEITZMAN, Bag// ACCESSORY CONCIERGE, Sunglasses// DIOR