Hello, everyone! It’s been a minute since I posted, and I hope you all are doing well. We returned from Spain last Thursday afternoon, and I left again on Saturday to drive to Austin to get a glimpse of my daughter and granddaughters, who had come in from California to attend ACL. Austin is a three-hour drive, and I couldn’t not run down there, even if it was just for twenty-four hours. I returned on Sunday night and woke up yesterday with a horrible headache that later turned into a stomach bug later in the day. I used never to get stomach bugs, and this is about the third one I’ve had this year. I think I am very run-down!

Today, I wanted to show my favorite leather (faux) jacket for fall. I have several leather (faux and real) jackets in different colors, and Lord knows I don’t need another one! Well, until I saw this one! This snake print leather jacket is one fabulous piece! I love the strong shoulder and how it fits perfectly at the waist. I paired it with a brown tee but wore it over a black dress on my trip. It’s a versatile jacket worn with jeans, skirts, dresses, and pants. I’m obsessed! I went up a size and got the 2. I like this one and this one too!

Animal prints (especially leopard) will never go out of style, but I think snake prints have become a bit more popular in the last year. I find that most women either like the pattern or don’t. I’m not too fond of the actual snake (as on a charm or a teeshirt), but I think the print can be fun (especially in fun colors).

I’m wearing a pair of ecru color denim similar to this pair. I wore these brown suede platform sandals that look so much like my Larroudé black pair. These sandals are a fraction of the price, look almost identical, and are very comfortable. Outfit complete!


Ladies, don’t forget that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please schedule your mammograms if you haven’t had one this year. I can tell you firsthand that they save lives! I found my breast cancer through a mammogram, and what was seen was not the actual tumor (that rascal was hiding) but a calcification that looked suspicious. I am so thankful that my radiologist picked up on it and suggested a biopsy. Trust me, it can save your life!

I hope you have a great day! Stay well and Be safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

JACKET // TEE  // JEANS (similar) // SHOES  // BAG, vintage (similar) // BELT (similar)