Navy Blue Mock Neck Short Sleeved Form Fitting Dress Navy Blue Mock Neck Short Sleeved Form Fitting Dress

Happy April! Hope you all are doing okay this Monday morning! What in the frick-frack happened to the weather this weekend? It was freezing in Dallas. I have an auto-immune disorder called, Raynaud’s, and it rears its ugly head in weather like this. I was miserable with it on Saturday. My fingers and toes were numb all day long! The temps are supposed to start inching back up a little bit this week. Now that April is here, that means Easter is too! I loved this navy blue dress from Alice & Olivia and decided that this is going to be my Easter dress. I know that Easter time is the time to bring out all of the beautiful pastel colors and white, but I love navy blue this time of the year as well.

This navy blue dress fits like a glove and covers your arms

I love everything about this navy blue dress. It fits like a glove and covers your arms. I think the cut is so chic and sophisticated, plus it comes in a lot of colors and prints (here and here are a few). The only trick with this dress is to order a size up. I’m always a 0, but I got the 2, and it fits perfectly and is comfortable. This is a form-fitting dress so you may need some shapewear.

I just read that this shapewear is fantastic! I haven’t tried them, but the reviews are really good. (Probably should have worn some for these photos, but there is no way I could have gotten them on in the car because that is my dressing room when I take photos!). I know I had mentioned that I had just bought my first pair of black Stuart Weitzman nudists, here, and I liked them so much that I bought them in the nude. Honestly, I think they are the perfect shoe for this dress. Either the black or the nude will look great.

I’ve found lots of colorful dresses for Easter

I wanted to go ahead and pick out some other dresses that I think would be so pretty for Easter Sunday or Easter events you might have coming up. I found lots of colors and tried to keep the price points pretty affordable. What do you all do for Easter? We go to church then usually to brunch after. Our grandchildren have always been in Florida with my daughter in law’s family, but this year, they will be flying back in time to go to church and brunch with us.

Speaking of my grandchildren…I haven’t been able to talk about this, because I was sworn to secrecy, but the cat is out of the bag, and I am so sad!!! They are moving to Columbus, Ohio. My daughter in law is from there, and that is where her family is. I get it! I always wanted to live near my mom and dad when my kids were growing up (never got to), but I am so sad that they are leaving.

They have sold their house here, and their house in Columbus is not finished yet, so they are moving in with us for a few months! Okay, it will get crazy here but it will give me some great material for my Instastories! Anyone out there in Columbus reading this, I’ll be coming that way a lot! I am not one to want to miss out on anything that has to do with those kids!





Navy Blue Mock Neck Short Sleeved Form Fitting Dress Navy Blue Mock Neck Short Sleeved Form Fitting Dress by The Middle Page Cathy is sharing an Easter Dress Mock Neck Short Sleeved Form Fitting Dress

Today, I am going for my fouth Mona Lisa treatment. I have not given an update yet, because I wanted to have all of the treatments first and they have to be spaced out for six weeks. I’ll tell you that things are looking a lot better! I hope you have a great day! Thank you so much for reading! xx

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

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