Neiman Marcus InCircle Program Neiman Marcus InCircle Program


Good morning, everyone! I hope you all are had a good weekend! We had dinner with friends on Friday and watched football for 100 hours on Saturday! I’m up at it early this morning because I am on a breast cancer segment on a local news station in an hour! If you have followed me on Instagram, you may know that I have been an ambassador for Neiman Marcus for the past year. When they approached me about working with them, I was thrilled because I have shopped at Neiman Marcus my entire life. Neiman Marcus is my go-to for everything special but also for basic needs. I know it may sound weird, but Neiman Marcus feels like home to me. And I honestly think of so many of the sales associates as good friends.

I have loved being a part of the InCircle program for Neiman Marcus credit cardholders.

There are so many perks to being a member. One of the most fantastic perks of the program is using the InCircle Concierge (level 4+). The concierge can help secure restaurant reservations, get concert tickets, or book trips. I have used them to book reservations at the best and hardest to get into restaurants.

My mom turned eighty this year, and I wanted to get her something special. Of course, I went to Neiman Marcus (photo was taken the day before quarantine started) and found the perfect piece of jewelry, and I was able to get free gift packaging (Circle 3+). I also bought my daughter’s birthday gift and had that gift packaged as well. Unfortunately, I was not able to celebrate their birthdays in person, so we have planned do-overs again next year!

A new service that I tried this year for the first time was meeting with a Digital Stylist

It’s something that’s available to ALL Neiman Marcus customers! I loved this! I met with Alice Moore (@alicewmoore) on a Zoom call, after sending her a list of things that I had and needed. Alice presented pieces that she had put together for me. She showed me some fun pieces and suggested things to complement what I already had. I had the best hour talking to her and will definitely do it again.

There are even more perks to the InCircle program, like, The Point Card, where you can earn enough points to buy yourself or someone a “treat” (like a new handbag). The Perk Card (Circle 3+) can be used on convenient services, such as alterations, parking, expedited delivery, and more. (Circle 3+). The Day of Choosing (Circle 2+) is fantastic to use when you might be making a big purchase. You can earn double points on every purchase you make.

I have to admit that shopping at Neiman Marcus has mostly been online for me during the pandemic.

I have loved ordering and picking up my purchases at the store and having them delivered to my car. But I have recently started to shop in the store and have felt completely safe doing so. The stores are super safe, clean, and everyone is wearing a mask. Even if you can’t get to an actual store, shopping online at Neiman Marcus is super easy. 


Neiman Marcus InCircle Program Neiman Marcus InCircle ProgramNeiman Marcus InCircle ProgramNeiman Marcus InCircle ProgramNeiman Marcus InCircle ProgramThe Middle Page

The Middle PageThe Middle PageThe Middle Page

I have loved being an ambassador for Neiman Marcus this past year. It was one of the most incredible partnerships and honor I’ve had as a blogger because I genuinely love the company. It is always my first choice when I want to go shopping or need a special something.

I hope you all have a great day! Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you, Neiman Marcus, for sponsoring this post.

 Photos: Danielle Sabol and Beckley & Co