Hi Everyone! Hope your week is underway and going well! I have been in Dallas this week and the weather has been rainy and the most humid I can remember! My hands have been sticky the whole week (I hate that feeling!). Good thing I have this super cute open stitch pullover to wear in this weather. The sweater is from Lilla P and am loving it! I got it in this stone color, but think I may have to get it in the steel color as well. It is perfect for steamy Southern days, but looks much nicer than a tee (not that anything is wrong with a tee, I wear them all of the time!). I wore this with a gray Coobie bra (the only bras I wear anymore) underneath, but a tank would be great too! I love these comfortable drawstring pants as well. I have had them a while and wore them in this post almost exactly a year ago! Sometimes I just need a break from the jeans!


LILLA P OPEN WEAVE SWEATER- EYEBOBS- GREEN DRAWSTRING PANT CathyGlasses-11 GRAY OPEN WEAVE SWEATER- GREEN DRAWSTRING PANT- CHLOE BAG open weave sweater- drawstring pant gray bag gray sweater- green drawstring pant- gray chloe bag gray open weave sweater- green drawstring pant- gray chloe bag CathyGlasses-22 CathyGlasses-28 CathyGlasses-29

The reading glasses I am wearing in the first photo are from Eyebobs. I bet most of you know the brand or have a pair already. They are my favorite reading glasses for two reasons. One…they don’t look like “Grandma” glasses, and Two…they come in the most fun shapes and colors for men and women. I don’t know about you, but I cannot see up close anymore. My husband and I have started to eat dinner with our readers on, because we can’t tell what the food looks like! SAD!!! Anyway, if I have to wear them, at least they are super cute and stylish! Are ya’lls eyes getting to be as bad as mine?

I am heading back to Nashville tomorrow, then off again for a wedding in the mountains of North Carolina. I have never been to a destination wedding in the mountains, and am really looking forward to it. It should be fun, and fun to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Hope you all have a great Wednesday! Thank you for reading the blog!!!

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

Lilla P. Open Stitch Sweater // Enzo Costa Easy Pant (slightly different color) // Chloe Marcie Bag // Eyebobs Reading Glasses // Sam Edelman Georgette Sandal // Ray-Ban Rounded Sunglasses//  La Vie Estelle Pearl and Leather Necklace