woman wearing SUMMER WEDDING GUEST LOOKSHi! I hope you all are doing good! Here we sit in Dallas instead of Miami. I’m really a bit bummed that we didn’t get to go, but what do you do? You can’t help it when you get sick, but man, it seems like a lot of stuff is going around. I always think of summer as the time when everyone is healthy. I guess it’s not that way anymore. Okay, let’s talk about summer wedding guest looks today!


We have three save the dates for weddings, but they aren’t until September and October. But, summer is a huge time for weddings and always fun to shop for a new dress (if you need it!). The dress I am wearing is definitely more of a black-tie dress, but I would wear it to any nighttime wedding. I love the color, the gorgeous pleats, and the movement as you walk. This dress is also found in magenta here. I am showing my top favorite dresses below, but this dress (that we showed here) is probably my all-time favorite for weddings and any other cocktail-type party. It fits everyone, is so flattering, and you can’t beat the price.

The Dress

Now, about the dresses, I wouldn’t wear (especially to a church wedding), which is strictly my opinion (take it or leave it). I don’t care if you have the best body ever; I don’t think a two-piece set (stomach-baring), cut-out dress, or thigh-high slit look is suitable for a wedding. There can be a time and place for those pieces, but I think a wedding is not the place. I don’t want to be the guest that is remembered that way, and it is the bride’s day! Again, this is my personal opinion. Call me “old-fashioned”! Do you agree?




woman wearing SUMMER WEDDING GUEST LOOKS in purple woman wearing sleeveless pleated SUMMER WEDDING GUEST LOOKS in purple woman wearing electric pleated dress woman wearing electric pleated dress and holding a bag

Since I am home and not going anywhere this week, I thought it was a good time to clean out some closets and drawers upstairs. My grandkids will probably be moving in here in August for a while, and all of the upstairs drawers are full (with my crap). One of these days, I am going to become what I really want to become, and that is a minimalist!

Have a great day, gang! Stay well, and be safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

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