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Hi, everyone! How’s your weekend going? I am so excited about tonight! We are going on a horse-drawn carriage ride with my kids (minus one) and grandkids. Every Christmas season in Dallas, there are carriage rides through neighborhoods to see the lights. It’s so fun and really gets me into the Christmas spirit. Dallas really knows how to decorate for Christmas!  I am working on some blog posts today and glad I have my Transitions lenses to protect my eyes.

You all know how much I love my Transitions lenses (remember this post?). I spend a lot of time at home working on my computer or checking off things on my to-do list, which means I’m using digital devices more than I care to admit! The harsh light and glare from my screens really take a toll on my eyes. Not only do Transitions lenses block 100% of harmful blue light and UV rays from the sun when I’m outside, but they also help protect my eyes from the harmful blue light emitted from digital devices, LED lights, and screens when I’m indoors. I have found it’s important to have protection both inside and out because you can be exposed to harmful light indoors as well!

Indoor Lighting Can Be Just As Dangerous

Honestly, I never knew that indoor light could be harmful light until I asked my eye doctor about it.  What kind of indoor light could possibly be so dangerous? It turns out your computer, cell phones, tablets, and LED lights emit harmful blue light that has been linked with digital eye strain and age-related macular degeneration. In today’s digital world where everyone is constantly looking at some sort of screen, I feel so lucky to have found Transitions lenses. These light, intelligent lenses are a brilliant, smart (and stylish) solution for managing all types of light -inside or out.

The Signature Lens is Smart Technology

My go-to lens when I’m on the go or planning to spend time indoors is the Transitions Signature lens in brown, which I’ve previously styled in this post here. The Signature lens is clear indoors and, as a smart technology, it automatically adapts to your fast-paced lifestyle. When I know I’m spending more time outdoors; I prefer the Transitions style mirrors I’m wearing here (paired with my favorite frames from Oliver Peoples).  But look how versatile these lenses can be! Indoors, the mirrors have just a hint of red (like below) while I am facing the window in my kitchen. Outdoors they darken to a mirrored sunglass look. I am obsessed!

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We are headed to church then I am taking my mom Christmas shopping today. I have one more gift to buy for my out of towners. I have to mail my out of town gifts the week of December 1st. It’s my rule because I can’t stand how crowded the post office and UPS store get the closer to Christmas. Even though I may not be feeling calm and cool, I have these lenses on to make it look like I am! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Thank you, Transitions lenses, for sponsoring this post!

Photos: Danielle Sabol

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