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Hi everyone! Hope you guys are having a great week so far! Well, I survived my third fashion week! It was really fun, but VERY exhausting! I will be talking more about it in a future posts. Today, I am talking about these velvet booties that I took to NYFW. I am collaborating with three other bloggers that I am hoping you already know. If not, I am so excited for you to meet them! We are all posting on Fall Booties today, and I am so excited to see how the other three styled theirs. Meet Cyndi- GRACE AND BEAUTY, JO-LYNNE- JO LYNN SHANE, and Deborah- FABULOUS AFTER 40. If you are visiting here…welcome! I am the mom of three and grand mom of two precious children (they are the cutest in the world!). I am also a three year breast cancer survivor (triple negative breast cancer), who is happy to be here!

The links to their blogs are below, but I wanted to tell you how we all met, because we are all in different states. We were all invited to the Reward Style Conference this past April. When you are an older blogger, you  hope and pray that you will meet women your own age at these events, because as sweet as the younger girls are, there is only so much you can talk about! Blogging has been such a younger woman’s game until late, and I am so thrilled that more and more “mature” women are getting into the game!  We all got to meet in person, and I can tell you that each one of them is a doll! Kind, considerate, sweet, and lovely are words I think about with each one of them. They are all over forty, and (I think Jo-Lynne is the only one still in her forties) I hope you will take a minute to look at each of their blogs and get to know them.

Now about these velvet booties…swoon! Unless you haven’t been in a store, or looked at a fashion website or magazine, you know how big velvet is for fall and winter. I am obsessed and want everything in velvet at the moment, particularly this burgundy bootie I am wearing and this gorgeous blue one here. By now, everyone has a black, brown, and tannish color one in their closet. I say, get out of the box and get a color like this in velvet! It is such a rich looking texture that can be dressed up or down. I wore these particular booties for a full day in New York (without socks, because I forgot them), and I promise they were comfortable. I usually buy up a half size in boots which I did with these, but should have gotten my normal size. I had so many people comment on them, even men! The price is really good too, at $130. I would pull the trigger now, while they are still available! One other mention…backpacks are (as “The Donald” would say) HUGE! Love this affordable one found at Dezzal.


Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

Soft Joie Animal Print Top // Topshop Satin Bomber  Paige Denim (similar on sale)// Suede Choker (similar) // Black Backpack   Steve Madden Velvet Booties // Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses

So here are my girls…cannot wait to see them again!!!

 4 Over-40 Fashion Bloggers Style Ankle Boots for Fall

Deborah // Jo-Lynne // Cathy // Cyndi