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Hello, friends! How was your weekend, and how has the week started for you? Saturday, we had torrential rain that lasted most of the day. I have never been so bored in my life! It would have been a great day to accomplish something indoors, but did I do it? NO! What is wrong with me? I cannot get motivated to do much of anything, which is so not like me. After reading this article, I realized that it’s not just me feeling like this. Still, I wish my brain would focus a little better, especially when I am working on a post.

Once I start looking for items to link, I go slowly down a rabbit hole. After I’ve been on ShopBop or another shopping website for over an hour, it hits me, and I get so mad at myself! Uggh! I do see pretty things, though! Anyway, today, I want to talk about the classic white button-down shirt and all of the items that can be worn with one.

How to Wear a Classic White Button-Down Shirt

I know you all don’t live under a rock and know that a classic white button-down shirt is essential to any wardrobe (even a man’s). When I thought about shooting my white shirt, I went to my closet to get it and had to decide which one out of the ten! Why do I have so many? Because as classic as a white shirt is, they can be so different too. One thing is for sure; they never will go out of style.

My favorite way to wear a white shirt is duh… with jeans.

But I do wear them with other things. Have you ever tried a white button-down a la Carolina Herrera or Sharon Stone? I wore a black taffeta skirt and short (fitted) sleeve white shirt to a black-tie event a long time ago and remembered feeling very chic! I would still wear that same look today.

Another favorite way to wear a white shirt is tied at the waist over a silk skirt like this or this. I also love a white shirt under a slip dress or tied over one. An easy but chic way to wear a long white shirt is over a pair of leggings (leather even better) or over a pair of joggers. A white shirt looks perfect with a pair of high waisted trousers or a skirt. Pair a white button-down with a white bottom for a crisp summer look. If you do, wear shorts, a white button-down looks great with Bermudas or cutoffs. And let’s not forget how great a long white shirt is as a bathing suit coverup.

Having a few white button-downs in your wardrobe is key, and a great white button-down shirtdress counts too! I wear mine all summer. And I think it looks so cute with sandals and a straw hat! I have been living in my button-downs during the quarantine.

So what are my favorite white shirts?

I love this fitted one from LaFayette 148 New York. It’s perfect for any bottom (especially good for a tighter skirt or pants). The one I am wearing is from Gap, and I think I’ve had it for about five years. I also love button-downs from Frank & Eileen, A Shirt Thing, and H&M. Don’t limit yourself to simple white button-downs; ones with a little personality count as a white button-down.

A quick word about my denim: I swear, the minute I get a new pair, they are sold out. I try to link the most similar ones I can find. It’s so frustrating! The ones I have on are by SLVRLAKE.




White Button-Down Shirt with Jeans on Mature Blogger White Button-Down Shirt with Gucci Belt White Button-Down Shirt with Red Dog Classic White Shirt on Dallas Blogger

We have been keeping my daughter’s dog for a few days in between friends keeping him for her. He is a rescue Pomeranian with an underbite to rival any underbite you’ve ever seen! When we picked him up last week, we discovered he had fleas! I made a trip to the vet to get the flea tabs, and we have quarantined him away from our dog. I could have bathed him, but he needs a shave because he looks like a bear at the moment. Thankfully he is scheduled this morning and then will stay with the next friend. I know that sounds mean that we don’t keep him, but we did for years, and he barks too much.

Okay, ladies, that’s it for today. I hope it’s sunny where you are, and you have a great day! xx

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