Good Morning, Everyone! How are you all? I hope everyone had a great weekend! We arrived in Rosemary Beach, Florida on Saturday to very rainy weather. We’re here with the family and had a great day yesterday except the waves were incredibly angry. We have been coming this way for over thirty years and I have never known the beach patrol to administer a “no swimming” because of double red flags. It’s supposed to clear up soon and fingers crossed because we have the grandchildren here! Father’s Day is this coming Sunday and if you are like me, you haven’t bought a gift for the father’s in your life. I have picked out some gift ideas that are still available and wanted to share. Hopefully, these might give you some ideas. (Please read my disclaimer at the bottom of this post).

Father’s Day Gift Ideas


I hope these ideas help you all with shopping for Father’s Day. I love the drill brush for the grill and portable travel charger for my husband. Honestly, I can never think of anything for my dad, so I usually get him a bottle of wine. We will have all of our family for dinner on Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day and that is probably the best gift I can give my own dad.

Okay, so in the first paragraph, I said to read the disclaimer and here it is. I had about four people email me (upset) about this dress and that the return policy was horrible. The dress is less than $100 and there is a restocking fee for returning it (I had no idea because I have never returned anything to them). These women were upset about the policy. All this being said, I was merely showing a less expensive cute dress. I can’t be familiar with every retailer’s return policy so when I show something and you choose to buy it, please use the “buyer beware” and check the return policy. I love doing this blog and hope I give you all some inspiration, but I don’t love the few nasty emails I got. Okay, there, I said it!

I hope you all have a great Monday!

Thank you for reading!