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Happy Hump Day! Have you all been checking the names off your list yet? I am slowly getting there but still have a way to go! Today with help from my friend, Heather (So Heather), I have picked out some great gifts to give to your BFF! Heather and I decided that roller skates would be a great gift to get yourself and give one to your BFF. How adorable are these leopard print roller skates? Roller Skate Nation has THE most fun roller skates!

Roller Skates For Your BFF? Why not?

How long has it been since you tried to roller skate? I broke my arm in the 4th-grade roller skating but did it up until High School. I used to love to skate! Well, let me tell you if you haven’t done it in a while (years!), it doesn’t feel like riding a bike! The minute I stood up to try, I was twelve years old again but a little terrified. We were on a busy street, so that didn’t help, but we are going to get back on them and try in a not so crowded area. I know it will be great exercise! We need helmets and some padding!

Best Gifts Are Friendships

I don’t know what I would do without my best girlfriends. They are such an integral part of my life, and I can’t imagine life without the women who are my closest friends. Heather is one of them. One day, I looked at my phone call history and noticed that I talk to her more than anyone else. I am so blessed to have BFF’s in Dallas but also in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and California! I LOVE my girlfriends! That’s why I love to shop for them at Christmastime!

My Picks For The BFF’s In Your Life

I have picked out some fun gifts below, but also want to mention that the Box of Style from Rachel Zoe is a fabulous gift for BFF’s. You can see everything in it here and use the code: CHIC25 to get $25 off the box when ordering. The price is fantastic for what you get! I also think that giving a spa day for two or tickets to a concert would make great BFF gifts!




Dallas Bloggers wearing Leopard Print roller skates from Roller Skate Nation Over 50 Dallas Blogger wearing Joe's Jeans with Givenchy Belt Dallas Bloggers Cathy Williamson and Heather Anderson Over 60 Dallas Blogger wearing beanie from Kyi Kyi with BFF So Heather Dallas Blogger BFF's wearing Leopard skates from Roller Skate Nation The Middle Page wearing KYI KYI beanie with black Givenchy Belt and Joe's Jeans Over 50 Dallas BFF Bloggers

This photo shoot was probably the most fun one I have ever done. It’s a blessing to get to do what I do with such amazing friends. I have said it before, but this job would not be as fun without the women who I have met and formed such deep friendships with. It’s funny, by the time you get to my age, you think you have all the friends you need or are going to have. Not the case. I have made some of my closest friends in the last five years. Be open to those people who are placed in your path. God puts them there for reasons, and they may just become one of your closest pals.

Have a great day, my friends! xx

Sweater with Gemstones ( 40% off) // Jeans // Belt // Hat // Roller Skates


Photos: Mary Hafner Summers

P.S. This was my last photoshoot with Mary. She has been my photographer and friend from day one. She is moving on to raise a family. I have known her for a long time (she was my daughter’s roommate in college), and although I know I will continue to see her, I will miss spending the time I had with her. I just wanted to thank her for everything she has done to help me with this blog and for her friendship! I love you, Mary!