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I haven’t posted a “Friday Favorite” in a while, but had to share two of my favorite snacks that I am obsessed with! The first is a ProBiotic dark chocolate bar called OHSO. We were in Birmingham a month ago, and stayed with some good friends who turned me on to these. These bars are made in the UK but you can order them on Amazon. They come in a pack of seven…one for every day. They are delicious, but get this, each bar contains around a billion Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium (fancy for good bacteria). They are three times more effective than most dairy drinks and are loaded with “friendly” bacteria! One bar has only 70 calories, contains no gluten or wheat, and is cholesterol free. And, did you know that cocoa and dark chocolate contain many B-complex vitamins and vitamins D and E? OHSO…where have you been my whole life???

My other favorite snack is TOSI SUPER BITES. I discovered these in Dallas, and have been devouring them since. These bars are chock full of really good ingredients like, Organic Almonds or Cashews, Organic Golden Flaxseed, White Sesame Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, and Sea Salt, and are low in Sugar. They are a great source of Omega 3’s and taste amazing!!!  I eat tons of almonds and cashews, but these Super Bites are so much easier to take with me in the car or on a plane when I get hungry.

I would highly recommend you giving these two delicious and healthy snacks a try. I mean, what is not to like about chocolate and nuts, am I right? (order HERE and HERE)