Mens Gift Guide


Who has their Thanksgiving cooking already started? I am starting today to make a few things that will help keep the kitchen less hectic tomorrow. Here we go, all of the hours and effort spent, and it will be gone in ten minutes or less! I wanted to make sure that I had my Men’s Gift Guide up for you all in case you take a break to do a little shopping.

I think men are a little more difficult to buy for than women (my opinion). But I spent a good amount of time searching the internet stores to come up with some ideas for the men that I thought were good choices. I always think a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant is a great gift too. You can always give the gift of health with a massage, time with a trainer, or dietician appointment. Another gift idea is tickets to a concert that you know might be coming to your area for this next spring or summer. Surely by then, Covid will be going away(PLEASE GOD!).

Another idea could be fishing, shooting, or golf lessons given with an accessory to match.

My boys always give my husband a very nice bottle of Tequila or Whiskey, and he loves that. A bottle of their favorite libation with handsome glasses is a great gift. Below are items that I found that I think are great choices.

I  hope you all have a great day and get much accomplished, and I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. I know that it might look a lot different for so many and I am very sorry about that. We need to take a minute and remember why we celebrate this holiday. However, tomorrow goes; we are all very blessed. This year may have been extra hard for some, but nothing stays the same, and this time next year will be very different from now. Please know that I am very grateful to all of you that read this blog. You are the reason that gives me a purpose, and all of you so bless me!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! xx