Happy Friday, everyone!

What do you have planned for this weekend?

We don’t have much going on (which I am so thankful for!). My husband and I got back from Austin yesterday extremely tired because neither of us slept well in my daughter’s apartment. I don’t know about you, but my bed is my happy place, and I can’t sleep well in any another bed. Also, we love our mattress which is a cooling gel with memory foam. The bedding is such an essential part of the sleeping as well. I was ready for some new bedding and went straight to Peacock Alley for a fresh start for a bedding re-do.

This first picture is the way our bed looked before.

I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I have had that same bedding for about five years now. It was very neutral in grey tones, and nothing was really wrong with it. But it was starting to look tired, and bedding is expensive! New bedding is an investment, but when you think about how many hours you spend in your bed, it’s worth the investment of having a comfortable nights sleep. (Or in my case, naps when I can get them!).

There is a Peacock Alley store in Dallas.

I spent a few hours trying to decide what I wanted. Since my bed was made up of mostly greys with a printed duvet cover, I decided I wanted a clean and straightforward look this go round. The sweet people at Peacock Alley helped me with layering the same color with different textures so that it wouldn’t look dull. We started with the Melody Embroidered Sateen Sheet Set with Linen stitching (they offer 19 different thread colors). These are probably the most comfortable sheets we own now.

Furthermore, these sheets are 100% long-staple cotton with a 420 thread count sateen. You can check out Peacock Alley’s thread count guide HERE to learn more about them. We added the All Seasons Cotton Blanket for our next layer which is also made from 100% cotton.

We sleep with a down comforter on our bed all year round. And when I say sleep with it, I mean on top of us (we sleep with the air at 68 degrees). I have to have the right amount of weight on me when I sleep. Does anyone else have to? The next decision was to decide which duvet cover to put our comforter in. I chose the Virtuoso Sateen Duvet Cover (imported from Italy) in Ivory since it would be a little easier to take care of (I would have gone with linen if we didn’t use it as much).

It is so soft and comfortable!

Next came the really fun part for me and that was picking out the coverlet, shams, and accent pillows. I chose the Oxford Matelasse Coverlet and matching Shams in Ivory. Honestly, I love the texture that this gives to the bed. We sleep with so many pillows, so these shams are placed on top of our sleeping pillows. The next shams I chose are the Rio Linen Shams in Pearl (that are made in the Dallas workroom at Peacock Alley). Also, I had monogrammed in Platinum in the Clara script. I’m old school and still love the ladies monogram instead of the couples, and thankfully my husband could care less. If you are confused on monograms and need help with that, a sweet friend of mine, Kimberly Whitman wrote a gorgeous book on it HERE.

The last piece to my new looking bed was this Kevin O’Brien Studio Velvet Oblong Pillow in Silver Grey. These are the most gorgeous velvets that come in so many luscious colors. Peacock Alley can help you with those if you are ordering online. The throw on the end of the bed was one we already had.

So here is the new bedding!

My gorgeous bed makeover with Peacock Alley My gorgeous bed makeover with Peacock Alley My gorgeous bed makeover with Peacock Alley My gorgeous bed makeover with Peacock Alley My gorgeous bed makeover with Peacock Alley My gorgeous bed makeover with Peacock Alley

I plan on staying in this comfy bed as much as I can this weekend. I am running by a Bumble event tomorrow to support the brand. It’s more than a dating app (which I don’t need). Bumble now has Bumble Biz that connects you to business contacts and Bumble BFF that connects you to friends. I shamelessly promote, because I have watched the birthing and growth of the app for five years now (may have a child that has a big job there!) and will support them, however, I can! Also, I have a birthday lunch to go to on Sunday. So maybe I won’t spend so much time in my bed (darn it!!!). Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great weekend! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol


Thanks to Peacock Alley for sponsoring this post.