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Hi, everyone. So much for 2021 getting off to a great start! I am worn out with the world and therefore not sleeping well, which is a great segway to The Pillow Bar based right here in Dallas. Who wants a great night’s sleep with a pillow specifically made especially for you? Let me fill you in on the Pillow Bar. Merrimac Dillon is the founder and was searching to find her husband the best pillow and mattress after back surgery. She bought virtually every pillow on the market. But not one did the trick. She took each pillow to her garage, opened them up, and was disgusted when she saw what most of these pillows were made of. She found ground latex, chunks of polyurethane, feathers, and the most disgusting, filthy beaks and toes. What??? I’m throwing up in my mouth as I type that.

 After looking for that perfect pillow, Merrimac decided to make her own and wanted to create a “Luxury with a Purpose” pillow that could keep her husband’s head and spine in line. She worked for months, and nearly a year later, she had recipes for each person’s sleep style and shoulder size. She then tried to find a manufacturer in the US, but no one could see the vision. So, what does one do when they are on a mission? They build their own pillow making machine. I love that Merrimac said, “never underestimate the perseverance of a middle-aged woman on a mission who has her own power tools”! The machine has two patents and seven trademarks.

So what makes The Pillow Bar pillows so special?

One size does not fit all. The first question you are asked is what kind of sleeper you are? Meaning, stomach, back, side, and age. 80% of the population sleeps on their side and needs a firmer pillow with a smaller pillow between the knees (for the best alignment). The Pillow Bar worked with guidance from chiropractors and neurosurgeons to fit that 80%, and one particular pillow was born from that guidance. All of the pillows are all HAND MADE by custom-crafted pillow makers one at a time to match your unique style. They are filled with European white down (or a down alternative material made of combed polyester fiberfill that is made in a separate location), which means no feathers or stabbing quills to cause allergies, headaches, or puffy eyes.

To make them even more luxurious, all pillows come with a monogrammed pillow protector. You can choose the monogram style and color thread and choose your name, monogram, or a saying. That way, everyone knows whose pillow is whose!

Because it is the beginning of the New Year, I wanted to refresh a guest bedroom. Not only does The Pillow Bar have pillows, but they also have much more. They have everything for bed and bath, including all sizes of custom pillows, mattress pads (got one for our bed), duvets, towels, pajamas, and dog beds. I got a new duvet, royal pillows and shams (these are fabulous for King size beds), and a bolster (all with monograms included). Now my guest bedroom looks fresh and inviting.

Now, where can you find these amazing pillows?

Here is a list of all retailers across the US and Canada. Also, check out the videos on the website to see how these pillows are made. I visited the factory location here in Dallas, and I couldn’t believe how pristine it was. And I got to watch the machine in action and was so impressed. I am now a huge convert to The Pillow Bar!

The Pillow Bar The Pillow Bar The Pillow Bar dog dog on the bed monogram pillows

This is my monogram on my pillow protector.

monogram beddings

Monogram on the duvet

dallas pillows

I have a good friend from Nashville coming to town for the weekend, so I am looking forward to it. She gets to try out the bedding above! I need some happiness and laughter right now, and I  know that will be accomplished in the next few days. I hope you all have a great weekend! Sending you lots of love! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Thank you to The Pillow Bar for gifting the most comfortable pieces for my guest bed!