I hope all of you had a very happy and blessed Easter weekend, and hopefully got to spend it with family and or friends!  Friday night was dinner outside at a bistro, and Saturday night we went to an outdoor concert on a lawn to see the Old 97’s. It was such a nice night to be outside listening to great music. The weather was perfect until last night, when the rain set in.
Yesterday was the most meaningful Easter to me. After going through breast cancer, I am so much more thankful for the resurrection of Christ. I guess I’ve always thought of Easter as “new beginnings” and God forgiving us our sins, but this year was so much more. It is a “new beginning”, but one with a healed body. I am so thankful and grateful and know that God is a loving redeemer, who is still in the business of healing!
I have dressed more on the bohemian side for a long time now. It fits my life and who I am…until recently. Let’s just say that without my long mane, dressing that way makes me look a little more tough. I have been on a hunt for more feminine tops that fit my style. I am not a bow or ruffle girl, so it’s been hard to find things that fit the bill. I found the top I’m wearing and thought it was feminine, but not prissy. If you see anything that you think would be right, let me know!!!
I am a few weeks from my debuting my new look, but next week there might be a sneak peek. Like I have said before, these photos are taken in advance, so the next ones we shoot will be without the wig. EEEEEEK!!!!  I have packed up all of the scarves, hats and hairpieces, and am going au natural now. It’s so weird…I’m almost like a different person. I ran into a few people this week that didn’t recognize me. I had to say who I was! It makes me sad in a way, but have to remind myself that I AM here!!!

Have a great week everyone! 
Top: AS by DF // Jeans: GENETIC, similar HERE // Bag: LOUIS VUITTON // Shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN(old) similar HERE// Sunglasses: CELINE