FPsCOgyq_TEgf6sHNmt41xIzVVlxy2mzckKH1C4qgVAI am so excited to introduce you to a nail polish line called AILA. Why am I so excited? Because this line is good for you! AILA has removed five nasty chemicals (calling it the 5-free system), that are damaging to your nail. I think we all are pretty aware that nail polish has formaldehyde in it. It is a carcinogen and I’m pretty sure that it’s put in dead bodies to embalm them ( Ummm…and we don’t think about it while we are getting our mani/pedi’s!). So that and four other ingredients that I can’t pronounce (except camphor) are removed in this polish. The line was developed by Dr. Cary Gannon, a Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon. The company also gives back, and you can read about that HERE

AILA uses ingredients like garlic…yes, garlic in their base coat. Garlic, I learned from the company, has been used for centuries for its nail strengthening and health benefits. It has anti-fungal properties, that protect the nail from fungal infections. Applying the primer to nails before polish will help prevent nail yellowing too. The product I am most excited about is their plant-based remover. When buying polish remover, we have a choice between acetone or non-acetone. Well, these chemicals can be harmful too. These chemicals are usually used to dissolve varnishes, paints, resins, plastics, and glue. I don’t know about you, but after reading that, I never want to put that chemical on my nails. AILA developed a remover that is an all-natural soy based product with Argan oil. I cannot wait to try it!!! There is also a coconut oil for the nails and cuticles.

So let’s get back to the polish and the beautiful colors. I tried this gorgeous pinky-red color, “Power Drink”, on my toes (my fingers are short and chubby and color looks horrible on me). It is a beautiful color and lasted a few weeks. I can’t wait to get the white color “Mackenna”, and “Mr. Pookies” for my toes. Look HERE for all of their beautiful colors. I  am so impressed and think that AILA “nailed it”!!!

Photo: Mary Summers