Good Monday Morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Summer has definitely hit the “Big D” with triple digits! Last week we were still able to sit outside for dinner, but not anymore!!! Since my last post, I have had a couple of things happen. I had a little surgery to have a port placed in my chest so that the chemo could be administered through it. I am supposed to think of it as my “best friend”, so says the nurse that shoved a needle into it! It is the most disturbing looking thing. It looks like an “alien baby”, or a jawbreaker that is stuck right below my left collar bone.

My first chemo treatment was this past Thursday. It was a relatively easy couple of hours. I was given a large dose of steroids first, so I felt fine after I got home. Friday, I felt great when I woke up…no nausea at all, and had a lot of energy (thank you steroids!). I had to go back that morning to get a shot, called Nuelasta. It is given to boost the blood cells that the chemo kills. The side affects from everything are so scary!!!  Was told I might get achey bones…??? Woke up Saturday morning feeling a little like my body was getting the flu (achey legs and abdomen). Sunday, much better!

Now for the fluff. We went to dinner with friends last weekend, and this is what I wore. I bought this blouse by Equipment, because of the beautiful blue shades. I put a navy lace cami underneath, but would use a white one as well. I paired with my Genetic white jeans. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a white jean, as you can pretty much wear them anywhere. My new favorite things I am wearing, are my new Michael Kors watch (the turquoise face is amazing!), and the “blessing” bracelet that one of my best friends sent me.

Hoping you have a great week, and are staying cool, in one way or another!

the watch and “blessing” bracelet