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I have kept my posts short this week, because I have been working like a mad woman around my house trying to make it livable! My designer came in from Dallas on Monday afternoon, and I swear, he had what was a “sh*t show” transformed in less than twenty four hours! I’m talking furniture placed, art hung, bookcases done, woven blinds hung, and he made me unpack every last box! Except for our closet, we are in business over here! FINALLY!!! I was really starting not to like this house, but now I love it!

I don’t remember Nashville being this hot and muggy. I think it has been cooler in Dallas than it has here. What gives? I wanted to wear, and show y’all, this gorgeous necklace by BERRY that I had just received. I love the turquoise, semi- precious carnelian and gold fringe mixed together. BERRY has been around for years, and you might have seen their pieces at Anthropologie, Banana Republic, and more. They have launched a website, making it super easy to shop their accessories.   I grabbed this white sleeveless tee, (somewhat wrinkled – did not have time to steam) and these amazing drawstring pants by ENZA COSTA at a new favorite store in Nashville, called Emerson Grace (another version here). Perfect for a very steamy Nashville day, but really to highlight my necklace. I love these Halogen ankle strap sandals too, ($85 dollars) from Nordstrom.

Alright, hoping you have a great day, and hopefully you will see me tomorrow with some picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s my favorite sale of the year!!!


Tee//(similar), Pants// ENZA COSTA   Necklace// C/O BERRY, Rose Gold Bracelet// GORJANA Bag//CLARE V (absolutely carry all of the time!), Sandals// Halogen, Toenail Polish// ESSIE– Private Weekend