Good Monday Morning!!! I had a very joyful weekend, and hope you did too! I got to spend a lot of time with my grand baby, which was total medicine for the soul! I cannot get enough of him!!!

 I am like a child waiting on Christmas morning right now. Thursday, God willing, is my last chemo treatment and it cannot get here fast enough!!! I have been looking at my calendar since August 1st, thinking November 7th would never come. The months have gone by so slowly, but it’s finally here! On the floor where my chemo is administered, next to the nurses station, sits a giant bell. Everyone that has finished their last chemo treatment rings the bell to signify/celebrate the finish line. I am going to ring the hell out of that bell!

Now let’s talk about fluff! Remember that sale I told you all about on Shopbop a few weeks ago? I scored a few things, and this skirt was one of them. I am obsessed with scuba or neoprene fabric right now. It just kind of hugs you, and is so flattering! This skirt is by Clover Canyon. I am usually not a huge print girl, but am crazy for this one. I am still loving black and blue together. It is so chic! Actually, you will be seeing it again in another post.

Not crazy about how the wig was looking. It was sprinkling and really windy when the photos were taken. I know how my own hair (when I had it) used to behave in that kind of weather, but had no idea how wearing someone else’s would react. It did not react well. Honestly, I have not worn it enough to know how it wants to react. Since I have a while before I can go without something on my pea head, I am wearing it more to get used to it. I am going to admit something… I have not let anyone (yes, even my husband) see me bald. I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t want him or my children having that image in their head. I don’t even like looking at me that way. It’s my way of dealing with it. It’s just a constant reminder of cancer, and I don’t want to think of myself that way. Plus, when I see myself, I think I look like a thin Uncle Fester. Just need a lightbulb in my mouth!

Have a great day, and be kind to all!
Skirt: Clover Canyon, HERE and HERE Turtleneck:(old) similar HEREShoes:(old) similar HERE and HERE, Clutch:(old) similar HERE

Photos by: Mary Summers