Hello there Middle Pagers! I hope you all are on vacay somewhere where the temperature is no higher than 80. I, am stuck here in Dallas where we have been experiencing triple digits everyday! I guess if you are going to have chemo, this is a good month to be hanging inside! I had a relatively easy week, as far as chemo is concerned. I actually felt really good, just a little bit tired. The one problem I am having, is something I can’t get a firm answer on. I went to the doctor three times last week, concerning my “alien baby”(the port). The pain I am having is excrutiating, thankfully it is not 24/7, but it happens when I am up and moving around. I was given an ultrasound and X-ray to make sure there was no blood clot. Okay, great, that is not what it is!!! My doctors have decided that it is a combination of the mastectomy and the port, probably sitting on a nerve. Well that is just awesome, and I am to deal with it until it’s removed?! It is getting me out of a lot of cleaning!!!
I love seeing how God is working in all of this. He has orchestrated some very special people in my path over the last few weeks. I unfortunately know at least 5 friends in Birmingham, Alabama where we used to live, that have had, or are going through breast cancer now. We’ve talked, but they are there, and I am here. Enter two women in Dallas who I was introduced to through my dentist and a friend. One of them is an eight year survivor who had the exact same cancer as me. The other, just finished chemo in April and had a mastectomy this past week. I went to her house for a first time visit last Wednesday. I showed her my boobs, and she took off her wig…it was a great moment! And, guess what? She has the same type as well. Finally, I have two women here in town that I can talk to. I was feeling so “out in left field” by myself. God arranged that for me!!!
The kind of cancer I have is called Triple Negative. There is not as much known on this type of breast cancer. Only 20% of all breast cancers are this kind. It is seen mostly in young African American women. Helloooooooo, have you seen my skin? I am so white, I am almost blue!!! Supposedly, there is a lot of research going on now on this type. The deal with it, is that it is more aggressive, metastasis  more, usually to bone marrow (think Robin Roberts), and has no treatment following chemo and radiation. That’s why we get hit so hard with the chemo! The good news, is that it reacts better to chemo than other types. Thursday will be my second round, and I really am trying to look at it as a great thing! It’s the army going in to kill the the bad guys!!!
Here is my outfit choice for drinks with the girls. I love some color, but seem to always choose black and white in the summer, usually because I wait until the last second to get dressed. Sometimes I just don’t want to put a heel on either, so I picked a flat with a little rhinestone circle. I loved getting together with girlfriends…it is medicine for the soul, to talk and laugh! Have a great day! xx

Top, Jeans, Sandals (old), Blessing Bracelet (from The Perfect Pair in Nashville), Other bracelets are gifts, Bag

Photos by: Shana Anderson