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So, I was a bad blogger last week! I’m really sorry…sort of. I left last Monday for Nashville with my friend Heather of Rare Gems of India, to help her do a trunk show there, and then in Birmingham. My husband met me in Birmingham on Thursday, and we drove back to Nashville to spend the weekend with friends. The reason I am ” sort of” sorry, is that I was so busy the whole week with Heather, and then I was with really good friends in both places and I just wanted to concentrate on being with them and not writing a blog post. I hope you understand?


The weekend in Nashville was one of the most fun times I’ve had in a long time! My mouth still hurts from laughing so much!!! We got to see a good amount of friends at a cocktail party and then at a country club to listen to a band. It was like “old home week”. I even had my dancing shoes on with my friend Ed. I wanted him to lift me a la “Dirty Dancing”, but he didn’t get my message, and I ended up with what looked like a “monkey ride” on him. So ungraceful, yet so much fun, that it happened twice!  We hadn’t been to Nashville in a while, and  it has changed so much! It has always been cool, but it is sooo cool now! If you haven’t been, I highly suggest a weekend trip!


So loving my Elizabeth and James feather jacket. I got it about four years ago, and they have brought it back for another run this year. I have worn it to several holiday parties with black pants, but really like it with my staple leather leggings. Haute Hippie is doing a dress version HERE that I think is just as fun! I am looking a little “Johnny Cash”, but wanted to showcase these beautiful  pearls from my friend Helli. I am not usually a “pearl girl”, unless they are on leather or have some spunk to them. I think they are great looking!  For information on the pearls, contact her at 615 300 3092.

I hope you all have a great day! I am off to jury duty…Boo!

Jacket// ELIZABETH AND JAMES, Leather leggings// J Brand, Cashmere Tee// TAMARA MELLON , Shoes// VALENTINO, Bag//LORALEI (old)


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