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I have been a bit MIA again,  it happens when I travel. I am so impressed with other bloggers who seem to effortlessly post while traveling. I just CAN’T…it’s not in me! I love writing my blog, but when I am with family or friends, I don’t want to take the time and do it, mostly because I would be up all hours trying to get it done. Anyway, I got back from California late on Monday night after a very fun week. The first two nights were spent in L.A. with my daughter at the coolest hotel. We stayed at Petit Ermitage, it is a bohemian looking boutique hotel tucked in a neighborhood in West Hollywood. We did not want to leave, and pretty much stayed there most of the time! If I could live there I would!!! I then met up with my husband and Nashville friends on Wednesday and stayed in Santa Monica. The view from their place is of the Ferris Wheel on the Boardwalk. It was like watching the Fourth of July each night! One night we walked the boardwalk and rode the Ferris Wheel and the Roller Coaster. When was the last time you rode either? I highly recommend it! You will smile and laugh the whole time!!!  We were busy the entire trip, and even had a Kardashian sighting. We had lunch at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Kim walked by our table and happened to know the girl we were sitting with. She is beautiful, but can’t imagine that badonkadonk is really all hers! That thing was massive!!! It was a great trip and so much fun!

I got up yesterday morning and drove to Birmingham to visit with a friend who had just had a mastectomy. She was bright eyed (not really, but compared to me after surgery she was!) and bushy tailed when I got to see her. Bless her bones, she had a million questions, and I am so glad I was there to answer. It really does help to talk to someone who has been in your shoes, no matter what the situation is. As I’ve gotten older, I think it’s so important to share your experiences. If I had to go through what I did, then you better believe I am going to help out the next person!

So about this jumpsuit,  I love this thing! It is by IRO, and the one I am wearing is sold-out. This is another version by them, that I think I like even better! My husband thinks I look like a waiter in it, but I don’t and don’t care! It’s classic and comfortable, and such an easy travel piece. I saw it on a girl in L. A. at a restaurant where we had dinner. I was glad I didn’t wear it that night, but felt justified that my purchase was cool! If you don’t have a jumpsuit, I really suggest adding one to your wardrobe. Why…because it’s the easiest piece you will have in your closet and a great travel piece. Some things to consider.

  1. I tend to think solids are best. A solid can lengthen the body, and you can change up shoes and accessories much easier.
  2. Make sure you get the right size, especially if it comes S, M, or L. You want it fitted (not tight) and not like you are wearing a potato sack.
  3. Jumpsuits are not just for casual wear. I think they look so elegant at black tie events or weddings (especially a wide leg version ( great example).
  4. Remember that peeing is not the easiest in a jumpsuit. Take into consideration what kind of fabric it is made of . You don’t want anything hard to pull up and down (think waiting too long to pee like I always do!)
  5. Jumpsuits are a year round piece. You can always add a layer underneath or over a jumpsuit. This is a perfect example. A jacket thrown over it or wear a long sleeve white button down under.

So there are a few reasons why I think you need a jumpsuit! I have picked my favorites below. I hope you all have a great day, and as always, thank you for stopping by!

Jumpsuit// IRO, Sandals (old old!), Bracelet// HERMES,  Sunglasses// GREY ANT, Bag// (bought in Cashiers, NC at Frances Hargrove. Looks exactly like Hermes and had different colors. Call to purchase… 828.743.9700) similar

Photos: Kelsey Cherry