I have a new obsession with two women and their line of jewelry called, BuDhaGirl. I went to the office of BuDhaGirl to meet with the owner/designer team a few weeks ago. Thinking I would ask a few questions and take some photos, little did I know that I would be sitting for two hours talking to two of the coolest women I have ever met! Jessica Jesse and Susie Hoimes. These two have such a passion for art, jewelry and fashion. You can read more about them on the website here.

What’s so great about their jewelry you ask? Not only is it gorgeous, but it was developed to ask, “why not give objects a purpose? A purpose larger than mere adornment”. Each piece is created with that in mind. My favorite is “the cuff”. It has an opening on the top that you open and place a reminder in. The reminders are things that are of Eastern influence (pink lotus, buddhas, ohms, etc), Christian ( crosses, fish, holy spirit, etc), Secular, and Judaica. So you wear the bracelet, and have a reminder with you all day. The piece I have, thanks to the girls, is the all weather bangles. It is a set of 9 gold bangles that are sealed with Buddhist prayer beads, are weightless, and waterproof. What is so sweet about these, is that you are to have an intention with each one you place on your arm ( i.e… maybe think about your children, or a thought to be calmer, or to think about a friend you love, and so on). Super cool, huh?

Please go to the website and read all about this line and these special women, and order something…you will love it!!

How cute are the little Buddhas?

Here they are…Susie on left and Jessica. I adore them!!!
These are stingray bangles that you can change the tops for different meanings.

The Cuff that you place a reminder in.

The waterproof bangles that I have and love!

Have a great weekend, and Peace be with you!