Can I just talk about my obsession with mascara and my lashes…I swear, the older I get, the more my eyes and lashes seem to disappear. Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself, and thought, where did my eyes go? I started noticing this on me, about 5 years ago, and the quest for long fluttery eyelashes began! I tried the lash extension thing, but it felt like something was always poking me in the eye ( probably because it was) and, the upkeep was way too much for me. I’ve also tried Latisse, which has made some of my friends lashes thick and unbelievably long, but I have severe dry eyes, and it made them even drier. 
So for those reasons, I am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara. You know, the one that is going to do it all! I haven’t quite found it yet, but wanted to share my top picks, for now.
I always start off with an eyelash curler. Kevin Aucoin makes the best!
Next, I use Dior Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. It’s a lash primer and nourishing serum. I use it under my mascara and put it on before bed. It actually promotes long term lash growth.

I love Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Length. It has been a standby for me for years ( I get the water resistant formula). It separates and gives length. Plus, it gives a very soft looking lash.

This Le Volume De Chanel, might be my favorite (for now). It gives great volume, plumping lashes to the fullest. I am totally a “black”only girl, but think the blue or prune color would be fun to try.
This is my second favorite. Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System is pretty amazing! The mascara is a base and topcoat, and the Flexistretch is nylon fibers that coat the lashes with”cottony”fibers. It really helps boost volume and length. It is approved by ophthalmologist, but I would be careful if you are a contact wearer (don’t use to close to lash line).

Another standby is They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit. It is a jet black formula that adds length and volume, curls, lifts, and separates. I think it does a great job lifting and separating. I have used this for a while as well, and if I get a little clumpy, I go over my lashes with this wand.
I hope one, or all of these help with your fluttery peepers! It is all about the eyes, and the “butterfly kisses”!