Oh my gosh, I cannot even tell you how amazing my day was last Monday afternoon. I, along with five other bloggers, got to sit down in a small room around a table with the effervescent and world famous Charlotte Tilbury. If you are not familiar, Charlotte is THE makeup artist to the stars. She has worked with everyone, from Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevingne, Amal Alamuddin Clooney, Kate Moss (who is by the way, her great friend, and the godmother to one of her son’s), and many more. She launched her own signature skincare and makeup line last fall and it is absolutely gorgeous (side note, she helped Tom Ford launch his line). She is IT as far as I am concerned!!!

So what was it like sitting (literally) right next to her, and having her give me the European kiss kiss? Amazing! She had every product in her line, on the table for us to play with as she talked about each of them. She is vivacious with a great sense of humor, and I could have listened to her explain her products in her British accent all day. Plus, she calls everyone “Dahling”. The one question I’ve always wondered about, was that the older I get, the more my eyes have started to disappear. Other makeup artists have always put me in natural colors and I always felt like I need a lot more color. Was I right in feeling that way? Coming from a woman who goes to sleep with a smoky eye every night, she said “absolutely”, I should wear more color! Thought so!!!

Charlotte came up with ten signature looks HERE, that have all of the products you need to create it. My favorite is The Dolce Vita. I did switch the blush for the Love Glow. She’s made it very easy to just pick the look you like, and get the products that correspond. If you are going to buy anything, please pick up her very famous Magic Cream. Charlotte concocted this a long time ago, using it backstage on models and celebrities. She said that the models during Fashion Week would stalk her for it. It is now her best-seller. I love it and highly recommend it! The other product I really am obsessed with is the Wonderglow. This can be used alone, or mixed with foundation. It gives a really beautiful luminosity to the skin. I promise, I have more people asking me what I have on my skin to make it glowy!

Another product Charlotte is known for, is her Feline Flick. It works on every face shape to elongate and lift eyes for a cat-like gaze. The pen was inspired by the art form of Japanese Calligraphy called Shodo. It’s an easy one stroke flick and you’ve got a sexy cat eye! I love her pressed powder, foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick, and new beach sticks…all found HERE.

What Charlotte was most excited about, besides all of the above, was her Goddess Skin Clay Mask. She put some on the back of our hands and let it do its thing. This mask will leave you moisturized, dewy and glowing, while also tightening pores and clearing imperfections. I am a convert!!! This is an amazing mask!

Not sure how to apply your products? She’s figured that out too, with “how to” videos on YouTube. Click HERE to watch her instructions and hear that wonderful redheads British accent and her use of “Dahling”. Okay, now you know my obsession…it’s everything Charlotte Tilbury! You want to know the biggest reason I am such a fan? It’s because she is the sweetest, kindest, and most sincere person. I can see why all of the celebrities and models are her friends. She makes you feel very special! Wishing her a very beauty-ful life!

Promise you will love the products!!!

Get the products from Charlottes website HERE, NORDSTROM, and BERGDORF GOODMAN

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